Rollei Racy Full-HD Schwarz

  • 5.0 Megapixel
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 6,1 cm (2.4") touchscreen
  • Face detection
  • Full HD video resolution (1080p)
  • 10 meters waterproof

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  • Rollei Racy Full-HD
  • 5.0 Megapixels Full HD Car DVR Recorder
  • Full HD Video Resolution (1080p/30fps)
  • With Self-timer (10 sec) and continuous shoot function (3 pictures)
  • In Car Mode: Automatic record when used with Car-Adaptor, manual record when used with batteries.
  • Picture on Display can be turned 180°.
  • More than 60 minutes of battery power
  • For photo and video shooting
  • With built-in microphone
  • With electronic shutter speed control, automatic exposure compensation and automatic white balance
  • Incl. Remote Control, Helmet Mount, 3M adhesive stickers (4 pieces), Underwater Housing and USB cable


Width 7.4 cm
Height 5.2 cm
Depth 3.3 cm
Weight 72 g


  • HDMI mini B
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  • Actioncam accessories

    Hello, I have a Racy Full-HD. I would know if Head Strap to Rollei 3S/4S/5S can be used in my camera?

    Answer: The Rollei Head Strap Kit can also be used for the Rollei Racy Full HD.

  • White screen

    I just turned mine on and the LCD is white and nothing else. I have charged it and have a memory stick in there. What's up?

    Answer: You should test the camera withe another memory card. If the problem still occurs you have to send it to the repair service.

  • REC time in Car mode

    Hello, It is normal in car mode, the machine record movies than 3 minutes when making continuous film without turning off the machine? (example: I recorded a movie of 2h in car mode, but when I saw it on the computer was divided into 3 min movies)

    Answer: In car mode all videos are stored in file sequences of 3 minutes each. Only in the normal video mode the videos are stored in a single file.

  • Display is Overhead

    I just started the camera and i'm charging it right now but the display is the wrong way round

    Answer: Touch the symbol at the lower left corner with a person on it and then choose the right direction for the displayed picture.

  • remote

    Hi, is it possible to control the rollei remotly from a smartphone with an app?

    Answer: The Rollei Racy can't be controlled from a smartphone.

  • Remove hour and date from video

    Hello, Can I ask how to remove hour and date from de video recorder when I play it on the computer? Regards

    Answer: If date and time is shown while replaying the videos on the computer, it is a setting of the replay program, not of the camera. The camera records the videos without date and time.

  • Frozen LCD

    Hi I just bought this camera yesterday and put in a micro SD card and recorded one video. The LCD screen is blank but on and I can't turn off the camera or the screen. I have removed the micro SD card but nothing changes. Do you have any suggestions?

    Answer: Please reset the camera with the reset button and test another memory card. If the problem still occurs you have to send the camera to our repair service.

  • Without memory card

    Can the camera be used as a webcam without the memory card or is it no internal memory what so ever?

    Answer: The Rollei Bullet Racy should be used with a memory card, at least class 10.

  • Andrey

    It's unreal to set date and time on the new device. I see 01.01.1970 once and once again after the correct setting. Is it soft proble

    Answer: If date and time can't be set in your Rollei Racy, it could only be caused by a technical fault.

  • Battery

    In time the battery may lose its initial characteristics. Is it possible to change the battery?

    Answer: The built-in battery of the Rollei Racy can't be exchanged.

  • wide lens angle

    could you say me the wide lens angle of this camera? thank you

    Answer: The angle of the lens is 135°.

  • Racy Full HD

    Hi I used my camera today for the first time weather was sunny and dry but my waterproof case had condence on the lense I had attached the camera to my car when I stopped filming the lense was White and you could not see what I had recorded ? could it be that because of the cold air and the sun that condenced air was caused ? thanks for your answer ...Gary

    Answer: In these case you have to use anti-fog pads in the underwater housing to prevent the effect.

  • Touch Screen Sensitivity

    I am having trouble with having to press quite hard on the touch screen, especially the zoom minus function-is this normal?

    Answer: The touch screen of the Rollei Racy should work easier as mentioned here. So you have to send the camera to the repair service.

  • Filming while being charged Rollei Racy

    Can the Rollei Racy continue filming while being charged by an (external) charger/battery.

    Answer: The Rollei Racy can't be used while charging the battery.

  • Bad image.

    I just bought the camera, and the image is purple and green, on the LCD and it is recorded like that. It happens with or without de SD card. What could be the problem?

    Answer: The camera seems to be faulty and has to be sent to the repair service.

  • mac compatibility

    I have imac and i saw that the Racy is compatible only with windows.Even if i can't access the camera to download the clips i can use a card adapter, but can i charge the battery on my mac?

    Answer: The Rollei Bullet Racy will be charged by using an USB cable or USB line adaptor. Videos and files can be transferred to your Mac because the camera will only be recognized as a storage device.

  • Date & time setting

    I have a Rollei Racer and the date and time setting has defaulted to 01/01/1970 & 00:00 and cannot be set to the correct date, this results in any new recording replaces the previous recording, the reset button does not fix this, can you help?

    Answer: If you entered date and time correctly and the settings are not stored, you have to send the camera to the repair service.

  • Transferring photos to smartphone

    How can i transfer photos from my racy to smartphone?

    Answer: The pictures of the Rollei Racy can only be transferred to a smartphone if the the memory card is inserted into the smartphone.

  • Photo transfer to android smartphone

    Hi! Is it possible that i can transfer my photos to my android smartphone? Or i have to remove my memory card and put it in my smartphone? Thank you in advance.

    Answer: With the Rollei Racy you can't transfer the images to your smartphone. You have to connect put the memory card into the smartphone.

  • editing software

    hello, i have a rollei racy full and i wish to know if rollei have (or will have) a free rollei editing software avaiable (like gopro have gopro studio)

    Answer: There is no special video editing software available from Rollei. But you can use all actual software for editing the videos of the Rollei Actioncams.

  • Rollei Video Editor

    Is there any official video editor for rollei racy?

    Answer: There is no special video editor software available from our side.

  • Racy Full-HD

    Hello, Does Racy have build-in or replaceable battery? Thanks

    Answer: For the Rollei Racy Full-HD there is no replaceable batteries available, because this camera has an integrated battery.

  • Recording

    Today i used the rollei camera for the first time. However a problem occurred. The camera records only one film. so, if stop recording and want to record a second one, the first one disappears. am i doing something wrong?

    Answer: Please test your R>ollei Racy with another meory card up to 32 GB.

  • Battery

    Is there any possibility to charge the battery without a computer, for example a normal charging cable you can plug into a wall socket?

    Answer: The Rollei Racy Full HD can be charged with an AC adapter with 5V and 500mA.

  • remote control

    hey i bought my rolley yesterday and the remote control only works when the camera is already on, if i turn it off using the remote control it works, if the camera is off and i press to turn it onit doesn't, is this intended by you guys ?

    Answer: It's true, the remote of the Rollei Racy Full-HD only works when camera is turned on

  • Weight

    How much does the camera (Racy) weigh?

    Answer: The Rollei Racy Full HD weights 72 grams without the battery and SD-Card.

  • accessoires

    can you use accessories for cameras 4S, 5S? I want a chest harness for my camera racy ...

    Answer: Mounts with a tripod screw can be used with the Bullet Racy. But most of the time the camera can only be fixed to the mount without the underwater housing.

  • Micro SD

    I have a 64 GB memory card class10 But the images seem to be erased when i turn off the camera???

    Answer: The Bullet Racy can only Support Memory Cards up to 32 GB

  • Card error

    Card error?

    Answer: Please try a different memory Card. The memory card should be no larger than 32 GB and be formatted in the file System fat32. If the error persists, please send your camera for review to the service-center in your country.

  • racy accessories

    hi, are gopro's attachments and accessories compatible with Rollei (racy full HD)? Thanks

    Answer: As long as they can be attached by a regular tripod screw, yes.

  • fogy underwater camera cover

    everytime i dive underwater my camera seems to be fine and recording clear videos but after a while the plastic underwater camera cover accessory gets fogy and as a result the videos' guality is not good... what should i do to keep it clear?

    Answer: To avoid bad quality and fogy Videos, please use fog pads or gently rinse and wipe the housing with sopa and water.

  • Card Capacity

    Is a 16GB card enough or will it get filled before the battery becomes discharged?

    Answer: A 16 GB Memory is enough for one battery charge in a Rollei Racy.

  • car charcher

    Hi, can i use my car cigaret usb adaptor to film while driving ? thanks

    Answer: Yes, this is possible. But you have to make sure that you use a original car-cable so that the camera will be able to film while being connected. The USB cable that came with the camera cannot be used in this case.

  • Recording mode

    I have recently purchased Rollei Racy camera, and every time when camera is turned on, it goes into video recording mode by default. If I want to take under water photos, I have to: 1) turn camera on; 2) switch to photo mode (and adjust resolution because it is never remembered) and put camera in into water resistant case while it is turned on; 3) keep it turned on as long as I am in the water swimming and diving, because if I turn camera off, next time it will be in back video mode! The only solution is to swim back to the coast, remove camera from the case, dry the case and repeat whole procedure again! Is there any way how to remember recording mode and avoid this annoying procedure?

    Answer: The camera will automatically start with the video mode as this is the standard mode for actioncams.

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