Rollei Youngstar Schwarz

  • 5.0 Megapixel
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 5,08 cm (2.0") touchscreen
  • HD video resolution (720p)
  • 10 meters waterproof

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  • Rollei Youngstar
  • 5.0 Megapixels
  • HD Video Resolution (720p/30fps)
  • 135° Wide Angle Lens
  • Incl. Underwater Housing for recording to a depth up to 10 m
  • Up to 90 minutes of battery power
  • For photo and video shooting
  • With built-in microphone
  • With electronic shutter speed control and automatic exposure compensation
  • With automatic white balance
  • Incl. Helmet Mount, 3M adhesive stickers (4 pieces), Underwater Housing and USB cable


Width 6.2 cm
Height 4.3 cm
Depth 2.7 cm
Weight 46 g
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  • Battery

    Hello, i got Rollei Youngstar cam but i got some problems with the battery. It goes from fully loaded into low battery and shut down way to fast. The highest period of time i've recorded is only 5 minutes.

    Answer: Please test the camera with another memory card. If the problem still occurs you have to send the camera to the repair service in your country.

  • lente fica embaciada

    quando gravo dentro de agua a lente embacia o que devo fazer

    Answer: You should use anti-fog pads to prevent the lens from fogging. These pads are available in outdoor stores.

  • Out of sync audio

    When i record in 720p the audio is always out of sync. Tested with different memory cards every time with the same result. Currently i'm using a class 10 microSD with 16Gb.

    Answer: If the problem occurs only at the computer, please try to playback the videos with another program or at another computer. If the problem is visible already at the camera you have to send it to the repair service.

  • Working with Mac?

    Is it possible to plug in the Youngstar and download movies to a MacBook? Like using iMovie? Will my MacBook find the camera?

    Answer: Your camera Rollei Bullet Youngstar should be recognized by your MacBook as a removable disk device.

  • Rollei bullet youngstar

    Good evening, I recently bought a rollei bullet youngstar and when I film, she always makes a noise background. Look at these videos : ( : in this she makes this noise in principle ) ( ) . Why the camera makes this noice ? Please answer me :)

    Answer: You should send the camera to the repair service in your country.

  • Screen is flashing

    I just bought a youngstar and when i insert the SD card the screen starts to show a white light flashing and i can not do anything with the camera, not even turn off... what can i do to solve this? tks

    Answer: Please test the camera with another memory card. In the Rollei Youngstar memory cards up to 32 GB can be used.

  • Windows does not recongnize when attached via USB

    When I attach this camera to my computers Windows 7 reports "USB device not recognized One of the USB Devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it." After succesfully creating a video and playing it back on the camera I have tried connecting this device to 2 different Windows 7 PCs with the same error leaving me unable to access the stored video. Can you help?

    Answer: Please test all usb ports of your computer to connect your Rollei Youngstar. If possible use also another usb cable.

  • bataria

    comprei nova e a bataria nem 5 minutos dura já exprimentei com outros cartões e nada podem ajudar.

    Answer: Please send your Rollei Youngstar to the repair service

  • black screen

    There is a black screen and the Busy light is on. I can not start the camera or turn it of. There have been a black screen now for and the busy light have been on in 1 hour.

    Answer: Please test your Rollei Youngstar without or with another memory card.

  • Not working

    Hello, my cam (which I used 5 times tops) just stopped working, it charges but doesn't turn on, when I connect it to the pc it says the device is not recognized.

    Answer: Please test your Rollei Youngstar with another memory card.

  • Brand new battery problem

    My new Rollei youngstar not turn off the charging light, even after many hours connected to the computer, and when I disconnect, it does not turn on. Thank you.

    Answer: You have to send the camera to the repair service

  • micro-sd card

    Would my Rollei Youngstar not work if I used a micro-sd card class 10. I thought of buyng one since I heard it would better it's performance.

    Answer: Class 10 cards are always recommendable regarding video files.

  • Rollei Bullet HD Youngstar

    Can I use this product on Rollei Youngstar?

    Answer: The Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount can be used with the ROllei Youngstar.

  • busy leuchtet

    Hi, busy leuchtet und ich bekomme die kamara nicht mehr aus. Display spinnt und die ganze kamara ist warm

    Answer: Bitte testen Sie Ihre Rollei Youngstar mit einer anderen Speicherkarte bis max. 32 GB (Klasse 6 oder höher).

  • flashing parts in the movie

    When I play the video, that i've recorded, on my computer, I see sometimes some flashing parts of the movie in my movie. What's the reason for this?

    Answer: You should test another memory card in your Rollei Youngstar

  • Rollei Bullet HD Youngstar

    There is any chest kit/mount compatible with Rollei Youngstar?

    Answer: You can us the Rollei 5S Chest Mount for the Rollei Youngstar

  • memory

    Is a memory card included?

    Answer: There is no memory card included with the Rollei Youngstar.

  • Treiber

    Ich kann den Treiber für die Camera nicht installieren. Fehler code 28. Wie komme ich aneinen funktionierenden Treiber?

    Answer: Die Rollei Youngstar wird am Computer als USB-Massenspeichergerät erkannt, für das die Treiber auf allen Windows-Systemen vorinstalliert sind. Daher werden von unserer Seite keine weiteren Treiber zur Verfügung gestellt. Lässt sich die Kamera nicht installieren, so sollte Sie zunächst die verschiedenen USB-Anschlüsse des Computers testen.

  • Rollei Actioncam Youngstar SD card

    Hello, which class of microSD can I use in this cam ? class4 / class10 / UHS-1 ... microSD / microSDHC Thank you for answer.

    Answer: In the Rollei Youngstar microSDHC memory cards can be used up to 32 GB. The memory card should be of class 6 or higher.

  • Continuous Shooting?

    Can you advise if the Youngstar can be set up to take continuous photographs every 5 or 10 seconds.

    Answer: The Rollei Youngstar does not offer a continuous photo mode.

  • SD card

    Do I need to buy an Sd card or it has internal memory?

    Answer: You will need a micro memory card for your Bullet Youngstar in order to save your videos.

  • Waterproof housing

    Is there a waterproof housing for the Rollie youngster for depths DEEPER than 10m for scuba diving?

    Answer: Unfortunately there is no other underwater case available for your device at the moment.

  • Javi

    hello guys, i buy a rollei younstar this week and i need buy a sd memory. how many hours i can rec whit 16G or 32G? thank you =)

    Answer: The Rollei Youngstar supports memory cards up to 32 GB. 1 GB equals 10 minutes of recording. So 16 GB would be up to 2 1/2 hours and 32 GB would be up to 5 hours.

  • Ton und Video Asynchron

    Hallo, bei meiner Rollei Youngstar ist der Ton sporadisch asynchron mit dem Video. Heute habe ich 2 Videos gemacht, das erste war normal, beim 2. war es asynchron. Woran kann das liegen? Ich nutze eine Mikro-SD-Karte klasse 10 eines Markenherstellers.

    Answer: Es ist möglich, dass Ihr PC oder Laptop Schwierigkeiten bei der Wiedergabe des Videos hat. Versuchen Sie zunächst alle offenen Programme Ihres PC`s während der Videowiedergabe zu schließen. Probieren Sie auch das Video auf einem anderen Gerät wiederzugeben. So können Sie am einfachsten testen, ob das Problem mit Ihrem Wiedergabemedium in Verbindung steht.

  • Audio

    In the movie's there is distortion in the audio when it's quiet. I also hear this on other camera's on youtube. It sounds like the refresh rate of the screen. Is this a know issue and how can it be solved?

    Answer: Would You please send us a video so we can test it here?

  • Can I charge this camera with AC adapter?

    Dear Rollei! Youngstar has only USB plug, but I would like to charge the battery with AC adapter. Do you have any adapter to transform the USB cable to an AC adapter? Or can I use a mobile phone USB to AC adapter for Youngstar charging?

    Answer: You can also charge the Rollei Youngstar with a mains plug. The mains plug must spend 5 V and 500 mAh.

  • Camera is not working

    While I was taking some photos, the camera suddenly stop working. The screen is all black except of a part of it that has white lines. I tried to remove the sd or shut the camera down but nothing worked. I had the camera for less than a week...

    Answer: Please reset the camera on the factory Settings,using the reset button and hold them for 10 seconds. If the error persists, send the camera to our service in your country

  • Unfocused image

    Hi, i've recently bought a Rollei Youngstar and the images are very unsharp/unclear, same goes for the video recordings. This is without the waterproof housing.

    Answer: For further assistance please contact our customer support via email . Possibly the camera must be send to our service facility.

  • Kaputt?

    Hallo ich habe heute die Youngstar bekommen und Filme aufgenommen beim Fehlen fing aufmal an der Bildschirm grün zu werden mit streifen und nun geht garnichts mehr ich kann noch nichtmal die cam ausschalten

    Answer: Bitte versuchen Sie eine andere SD-Speicherkarte. Micro SD-Speicherkarte bis zu 32 GB (Class 4). Sollte der Fehler weiterbestehen, wenden Sie sich bitte an

  • battery

    what type is the replacement battery (model number) for this camera and where can we buy 1. thanks

    Answer: Dear Customer, the battery is an internal battery pack which is not offered as an accessory. If Problems with the battery occurs we can only recommend to send the camera to your Service Partner.

  • Gustav

    Hi, when i use Vehicle-mounted mode, i cant charge and record video... camera going to usb mode... Have you solution?

    Answer: Dear Customer, the camera can not be charged during the operation

  • Vehicle-mounted mode

    When i use Vehicle-mounted mode, can i record and charge the battery? cam going allways to usb mode.

    Answer: Camera can not be charged during Operation.

  • Can't turn off camera Rollei Bullet Youngstar

    The screen is black, but power-light (red) on and I can not turned it off or take pictures. I have tried different memory cards and when I connect to PC nothing happens. Is there a way to "hard-reset" the camera?

    Answer: Unfortunately there is no reset button on the camera. So plesae send the device to our Service facility in order for our technicians to have a look at it. Please add a short description of the fault and a copy of your receipt.

  • Grainy video images

    hi, i just bought a the rollei youngstar hd, when i record videos the images look grainy not very clear, is there a new firmware or setup to fix this or is it normal for this model? thanks tony

    Answer: We have no new Firmware for this camera. Pease send us an Videos via E-Mail. After that we can give you more informations.


    Existe um botão de reset!

    Answer: You can find the reset button on the bottom of the camera. There is a Little hole. You have to stick in there.

  • Mah Battery

    How many Mah (Milliampers) is integrated in the camera battery?

    Answer: This Battery has 440 mAh.

  • Bluetooth

    Is Rollei Bullet Youngstar compatible with selfie mount with bluetooth?

    Answer: You can connect both by using the thread, but the Youngstar does not have a Bluetooth function.

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