OVERVIEW: All Tripods from Rollei – Aluminum and Carbon

Compact Traveler No. 1 Carbon
229,99 €
Compact Traveler No. 1 Carbon 229,99 € incl VAT excl. shipping costs Delivery within 2-3 business days***
  • The ultra-lightweight carbon tripod with a total weight (incl. ball head) of only 980 g is especially designed for travel and cities photographers.
  • The package includes spikes for stability on the ground, a 360° panoramic magnesium ball head with camera quick release
  • plate (Arca Swiss compatible) and a shoulder strap.
  • To transport the tripod the legs can be folded by 180° which reduces the packed dimension to only 33 cm!
  • Fast assembly and disassembly thanks to the quick clamping screw.
  • 360° rotating center column hook to attach additional weight.
  • Tripod can also be used as a monopod.
  • The tripod can carry a camera incl. lens up to a weight of 8 kg and reaches a height of 142 cm.

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Tripod C5i
149,99 €
Tripod C5i 149,99 € incl VAT excl. shipping costs Delivery within 2-3 business days***
  • Compact, 4x extendible 4-in-1 tripod
  • Light aluminium-magnesium construction
  • Max. height: 159 cm
  • Max. load: 8 kg
  • ARCA SWISS compatible
  • Conversion to monopod possible
  • Easy handling thanks to quick shoe camera mount
  • Tripod head with spirit leveln for vertical and horizontal alignment

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24,99 €
T-1S 24,99 € incl VAT excl. shipping costs Delivery within 2-3 business days***

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    Monkey Pod Mini Tripod
    16,99 €
    Monkey Pod Mini Tripod 16,99 € incl VAT excl. shipping costs Delivery within 2-3 business days***
    • Adaptive compact tripod
    • Ultra-lightweight for traveling
    • Very flexible legs for bending, winding or folding – ideal for all surfaces, angles and situations
    • Suitable for Smartphones*, Actioncams and compact cameras*
    • With non-slip rubber feets
    • Tripod legs with roughened, comfortable foam surface, to increase the holding or gripping strength
    • Adapter with ¼ inch screw

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    High-Quality Aluminum and Carbon Tripods from Rollei

    Despite image stabilizers and highly sensitive sensors, photo and video tripods are indispensable for the dedicated photographer and filmmaker. Only a tripod allows you to meet the requirements for achieving optimal image quality, even under inadequate lighting conditions. With a tripod, you also have the maximum freedom to choose exposure time and aperture, and you can calmly and carefully select the framing.

    Tripods for every purpose

    Rollei offers you a comprehensive range, from the universally applicable three-legged tripod to special solutions for professional panning when creating videos. Choose your tripod depending on your equipment’s intended purpose and weight class. Modern high-strength materials (mainly high-quality carbon, high-grade steel, and aluminum) permit the manufacture of solid yet lightweight tripods with small packing dimensions that fit into luggage of any size. Monopods, tripods with clamps, and table tripods for special types of applications complement Rollei’s wide selection.

    Tripod heads and accessories

    Combine your tripod with a matching tripod head. Spherical heads allow for flexible camera alignment and attachment using just one screw. In addition to high-quality panoramic heads, three-way incliners and gimbals allow you to engage in high-precision work, such as panoramic photography and macro-photography. Video enthusiasts will find specialized solutions such as tripod heads with damping mechanisms (video heads) for smooth panning or even full video sliders. Accessories for smartphones and tablets give you completely new options.