No Jiggling, No Vibrating, No Swerving
The new Rollei Shark Slider S1
The camera slider is ball bearing mounted and moves virtually without resistance along the bars without vibrating or swerving. With the help of the slider, one can produce great effects, such as when using time lapse.
Extremely Light
A special feature of the Rollei Shark Slider S1 is its material, which has very little fiberglass and a large amount of carbon. For one thing, the 3.8 kilogram lightweight makes for easy handling and allows for spontaneous use. For another thing, it makes the slider very robust and resistant to extreme temperature changes.
Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal
The ball-bearing-mounted, smooth-running camera dolly can be adjusted to many different positions
Going Sledging with Your Camera
The Shark Slider make for dolly shots as soft as butter, creating pictures with a steady hand, worthy of the silver screen. It has a pipe diameter of 22 mm, a maximum length of 790 mm +/- 5 mm and a working length of 640 mm +/- 5 mm. The bearing load is 7 kg max. The Shark Slider weights 3.4 kg with counterweight.

Rollei Shark Slider S1

  • Camera slider rigid free video
  • Horizontally, vertically and diagonally aligned
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Made from Carbon fibre and anodised aluminium
  • Max. length: 790 mm ± 5 mm

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Many outdoor activities dictate that recording is anything but standard. Perhaps you are videotaping a friend about to base jump off of a large precipice. Or, you might be hoping to track the movements of a surfer during a competition. In these and many other instances, handheld cameras alone will not provide the optimum recording platform. Where standard motions fail, the Shark slider S1 takes over. This camera slider will provide the user with ultimate levels of tracking control. In fact, this "camera car" can be mounted vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This makes professional recording simple and easy with no operational experience required.

Why Choose This Camera Slider?

First and foremost, not all mounted sliders will offer the same levels of quality. The Shark Slider S1 is fashioned from carbon fibre components. Not only is this material extremely lightweight and durable, but it offers superior performance under differing temperature conditions. Therefore, the movement of any camera will never be jeopardised.
As a testament to these qualities, this unit was voted as the "Best Product of the Year" in 2014 and was honoured with the venerable Plus X Award.

A counterweight is included and a locking screw will firmly mount the slider in place when a stable shot is desired. Other benefits of this camera slider include:

- Four built-in footrests.
- The ability to fit numerous DSLR Rollei cameras.
- It can support up to seven kilograms in weight.
- A full 24-month manufacturer's warranty.

These are some of the outstanding hallmarks of this one-of-a-kind slider. For anyone who wishes to experience unsurpassed levels of movement alongside streamlined stability, this unit is a great choice.

Material: Carbon

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