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when i try to turn the cam on the red led flashes three times and the nothing happens and when im trying to charge it no led comes on
Please test another memory card in the camera.
Hi, is it possible to control the rollei remotly from a smartphone with an app?
The Rollei Racy can't be controlled from a smartphone.
Powerflex 800
I get the message "lens error", the lens neither properly opens nor closes. Can I fix it ?
The camera is faulty and has to be sent to the repair service in your country.
Remove hour and date from video
Hello, Can I ask how to remove hour and date from de video recorder when I play it on the computer? Regards
If date and time is shown while replaying the videos on the computer, it is a setting of the replay program, not of the camera. The camera records the videos without date and time.
wie das Gerät an den PC anschließen, um Fotos zu übertragen
Einfach die Kamera mit dem mitgelieferten USB-Kabel am Computer anschließen und einschalten. Den Strom bezieht die Kamera dann über die USB-Verbindung.
Is the remote waterproof?
Can you tel me if the remote control is waterproof until the same level as the camera waterproof case?
The remote control of the Rollei Actioncam S-50 WiFi ist waterproof up to 3 meter, the waterproof case up to 60 meter.
s50 doesnt work correctly
When I start my s50 the screen freezes after a few seconds and no button work aferwards. And some thimes the screen turns white after taking a picture and the same problem with the buttons, only way to start up is by taking out the battery. I just recently purchased the camera and the problems occurred almost immediately, even the uppdate didnt help. What should I do?
Please test another memory card in the camera. If the problem still occurs you have to send the camera to the repair service.
poor quality
I am trying to scan on this machine but the quality is very poor very pixelated...? how do I improve or can I send you a scan for you to check for me please.
Please refer to our service at and send us some sample pictures.
Bullet HD
Hallo, meine Bullet HD Cam erkennt keine micro SD karte. Dabei ist egal, welches Format formatiert wurde und welche Größe sie haben!
Tritt der Fehler auch dann auf, wenn die Speicherkarten auf das Dateisystem FAT32 formatiert wurden, so können wir lediglich anbieten, die Kamera zur Überprüfung zu unserem Reparaturservice einzusenden.
support fit for racy rollei
This stand is suitable for cameras rollei racy?
The Rollei 5S Chest Mount can't be used for the Rollei Racy.