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Powerflex 240HD
Can I use a filter with the Powerflex 240HD? Thanks
It is not possible to use any filter with this camera model.
Automatic FTP Upload
Is it possible to define a ftp server so the camera can send a picture every 10, 30, 60 seconds (or other times) to a website?
This camcorder can't send to an ftp-server.
Where can I get a User Manual?
For older digital cameras like the Rollei dp6200 you have to ask here:
Can I use this product on Rollei Young Star?
The Rollei Head Strap Kit can be used with the Rollei Youngstar.
Gerät nicht filmen oder fotografieren nicht
I have purchased a Rollei s50 WiFi at messe dusseldorf but he does not want to record or draw pictures, he just doesn't react to the foto or cam key those only work in the menu. the red light also doesn't flickers. when I click on firmware update in the settings nothing happens and normally you can put him in dutch but that option isn't there. my SD-card is a sandisk Extreme - microSDXC UHS-I card (64gb) so that can't be the poblem it's a class 10
You have to format the memory card to the file system FAT32.
Blue LED on S-50
Hi, I´ve just bought a S-50. The blue light on the front of the camera is always on. Even if I turn off the camera. Is that correct? Doesn´t it empty the battery very quick? There is no info in the manual, what I can find. Another question, which back lid do I use when I go skiing? Can the camera break if I use the open lid and it comes snow inside the protective shell? Does the camera resist a little moisture? Waiting for your answer / A eager skier
You can switch the blue LED off by pressing the photo butto for 3 seconds. While skiing you should use the back cover without openings for the underwater case. It should be avoided that snow or water could enter into the case.
connection camera-pc
I have connected the camera to the PC, is connection. The PC detects the camera and writes no image in the camera but there are pictures taken by us and visible in the camera. what to do? Thank you.
Maybe the firewall causes that the pictures are not visible at the computer. So please test the connected with the firewall enabled or try to us a card reader.
DF-S 190 SE Matrix
Ich möchte fragen, was ist das Matrix-Modell mit DF-S 190 SE?
Was verstehen Sie unter dem "Matrix-Modell"? Could you please explain what the "matrix model" should be?
Ekranın hasar görmesi garantiye girer mi ?
Could you please repeat your request in English or German.
Best type of microsd to use that cam can handle..
There is no "best" card for our cameras. You should use memory cards of class 6 or higher up to 64 GB that are formated to the file system FAT32.