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I-phone 5
Is this printer compatable with the i-phone 5? Does it fit in the printer dock or can you only use it wirelessly?
The Rollei WiFi Photo Printer is compatible with the iPhone 5. You can connect the smartphone wirelessly or at the docking port.
Guten Tag, immer wieder im Winterurlaub sehe ich verschiedene Actioncams. Alle die ich bis jetzt geséhen haben nutzten ein Wasserschutzgehäuse. Kann der Cam ohne Gehäuse beim Ski fahren was passieren? Rollei 5s WIFI
Die Rollei Actioncams sollten beim Skifahren stets mit Unterwasserschutzgehäuse eingesetzt werden, da die Kamera nicht mit Schnee in Berührung kommen sollte.
Memory card
Hello, I've bought a (empty) 64gb micro sd card for my rollei bullet 4s. When I plug it in, the camera thinks its full. I've looked at the users manual where it stands that the camera is compatible for an 64gb micro sd card. Does somebody know what could be the problem ?
The memory card with 64 GB has to be formatted to the file system FAT32.
Gyro Cam-2
On which cam gyrocam option is available ?
There is no Rollei Actioncam with an gyrocam option.
searching rollei actioncam s50 waterproof door accessory
Bonjour, Je suis très content de ma caméra s50 wifi. J'ai acheté un kit surf. Malheureusement si colle le flotteur sur la porte, je ne peux plus utiliser les autres accessoires vissés (harnais). Je suis donc à la recherche d'une porte étanche pour ma s50 wifi, mais je n'en trouve pas sur internet. Est-ce vendu au détail? Si oui quel est sa référence ? Merci hello i'm a happy s50 wifi customer. Unfortunately, i cannot use the surf floating with other accessories. Otherwise i have to remove the floating from the door and scoth it again. To be able to use all accessories, i'm searching a new waterproof door. I cannot find this accessories. Does it exist ? Can you give me the Item number ? Regards, Louis TANGUY To
Veuillez contacter notre service après-vente
Video Lapse
What is video lapse, and how does it work? I need a camera, that records, but into a memory, and when I press the record bottom it safes the previous 30 seconds and next 30 seconds onto a memory card.
With the video time lapse function the camera takes a photo every few seconds and combines them to a video. None of our cameras offer a function that pre-records for 30 seconds.
Out of sync audio
When i record in 720p the audio is always out of sync. Tested with different memory cards every time with the same result. Currently i'm using a class 10 microSD with 16Gb.
If the problem occurs only at the computer, please try to playback the videos with another program or at another computer. If the problem is visible already at the camera you have to send it to the repair service.
In die menu ist keine Niederlandische sprache wo kan ich diese finden/downloaden?
Leider ist es nicht möglich, weitere Sprachen zum Menü unserer Produkte hinzuzufügen.
Frozen LCD
Hi I just bought this camera yesterday and put in a micro SD card and recorded one video. The LCD screen is blank but on and I can't turn off the camera or the screen. I have removed the micro SD card but nothing changes. Do you have any suggestions?
Please reset the camera with the reset button and test another memory card. If the problem still occurs you have to send the camera to our repair service.
When I press on picture button more than 3 sec nothing happen, I can't linked remote with cam. Is there another way to linked cam with remote ?
To link the remote control to the camera you have to execute the follwoing steps: - Switch the remote control on - Take the battery out so that the camera switches fully off - Put the battery back into the camera - Hold the photo button of the camera until the blue led flashes - Within 10 seconds press the photo button of the remote control once. If the blue led changes to constant light the remote control is linked.