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Zoom speed
Hi, is there any way to make the camera zoom slower?
Please contact our service at We can send you a new firmware with a slower zoom speed. Since the camera is available in two different versions, we need a picture of the display of your camera to distinguish them.
SD Card
We are one of your stockists. Please can you advise what size SD card this will support. Thank you Chris CPC Technical Support
The Rollei DF-S 100 SE supports memory cards up to 16 GB.
Is it possible to connect to the device with laptop and see the live video-stream?
You can only connect the camcorder with the HDMI cable to a device to see the monitor picture at this device.
sport mode
how many pictures per second can you shoot in sport mode?
With the burst mode you can shoot up to 30 pictures per second.
carica della batteria
Ho caricato la batteria tramite USB 1 volta, ed è andato tutto bene. La seconda volta non da cenni di collegamento al pc e la camera non si accende più. cosa devo fare?
Purtroppo lei deve rivolgersi al servizio nel suo paese oppure al venditore della fotocamera.
Working with Mac?
Is it possible to plug in the Youngstar and download movies to a MacBook? Like using iMovie? Will my MacBook find the camera?
Your camera Rollei Bullet Youngstar should be recognized by your MacBook as a removable disk device.
flash is completely out - how can I get it back?
Please check if the your Rollei Compactline 52 is set to the macro mode. In this mode the flash is disabled.
I cant get the app working With the camera. What can i do?
Please tell the problem more in detail to our service at
Rollei bullet youngstar
Good evening, I recently bought a rollei bullet youngstar and when I film, she always makes a noise background. Look at these videos : ( : in this she makes this noise in principle ) ( ) . Why the camera makes this noice ? Please answer me :)
You should send the camera to the repair service in your country.
Screen is flashing
I just bought a youngstar and when i insert the SD card the screen starts to show a white light flashing and i can not do anything with the camera, not even turn off... what can i do to solve this? tks
Please test the camera with another memory card. In the Rollei Youngstar memory cards up to 32 GB can be used.