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Max size memory card
Dear, What's the maximum size of the SD card that can be used? Kind regards, Ward
In the Rollei Sportsline 99 memory cards up to 16 GB can be used.
Sound quality
Incriedible sound record quality. What can i do?
Please send a sample video of your Rollei CarDVR-100 with sound to
kodieren der fernbedienung
hallo ich meine rollei 3s 720p reagiert nicht mit zwei piepstönen auf das kodierverfahren meiner Fernbedienung was mache ich falsch?
Die Synchronisation der Fernbedienung der Rollei Bullet 3S lässt sich wie folgt durchführen: Halten Sie die Videotaste der Kamera gedrückt und schalten die Kamera ein. Sobald das normale Kamerabild angezeigt wird, lassen Sie die Videotaste los und rücken an der Fernbedienung gleichzeitig die beiden äußeren Tasten.
Blue LED on S-50
Hi, I have asked a question before about the blue LED will not turn off when I turn off the camera. You have answer me that I have to press the Camera-button for 3 sec. But it doesn't work. It only blink 10 times and when it starts to light solid again. What to do?
Please press the button for about 10sec and after that the blue LED as well as the camera itself will turn off completely.
motion detection
I have bouhght the camera for motion detection/uberwachung. i have used it with several cards class 8 and 10. but after a few minuts it stops end off action. out off order. it is in the adapter etc
If no more motion can be detected, the car camcorder stops the recording. But with every no motion detected it should record again. If this isn't the case with different memory cards you have to send the camcorder to the repair service in your country.
Operating System
On your data sheet there isn't Windows 8. Is it compatible? DF-S 190 SE model too? Thank you!
The DF S 290 HD as well as the DF S 190 SE are stand alone devices - that means scans cannot be transferred to the computer directly but will be saved on the device memory or memory card first. The function is independent from the OS.
When it says the 5s chest mount does that mean it fits iphone 5s ?
The Rollei 5s Chest Mount is not suitable for Iphone, but for the Rollei Bullet 5s Actioncamera.
Without memory card
Can the camera be used as a webcam without the memory card or is it no internal memory what so ever?
The Rollei Bullet Racy should be used with a memory card, at least class 10.
FAT32 Formatierung
Hallo, ich habe mir extra eine sdxc 64 gb micro sd karte für die rollei s-50 gekauft. Sie verlangen für die Rollei S-50 eine FAT32 Formatierung. Windows 7 formatiert jedoch fat 32 nur bis 32 gb - wie also kann ich meine 64 gb mit exfat zu fat32 formatieren? Danke für Ihre Hilfe :)
Sie können beispielsweise das frei im INternet erhältliche Program Fat32Formatter verwenden.
How to charge this camera'?
To charge the battery of the Rollei Sportsline 99, please connect the camera to a usb charger or a usb port of your computer.