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car DVR-70
Hallo Nochmal ein frage zur Uhrzeiteinstellung Ist mehr als kompliziert . Wie komme ich aus dem Datumsmenue bzw Uhrzeitmenue weiter. Habe jetzt Einstellung für das Jahr gefunden kann aber nicht zum Monat Tag usw. wechseln?
Wechseln Sie im Menü mit den Tasten < und > zwischen den einzelnen Werten.
I can not get the installade on the computer. i have windows 7
The Rollei DF-S 190 SE is a stand-alone device. The connection to the computer can only be used to download the scanned pictures.
On which camera's will this mount fit?
The Rollei 3 M Sticker & Universal Helmet Mount is compatible with all Rollei Actioncams.
Windows does not recongnize when attached via USB
When I attach this camera to my computers Windows 7 reports "USB device not recognized One of the USB Devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it." After succesfully creating a video and playing it back on the camera I have tried connecting this device to 2 different Windows 7 PCs with the same error leaving me unable to access the stored video. Can you help?
Please test all usb ports of your computer to connect your Rollei Youngstar. If possible use also another usb cable.
Scanner rollei PDF S240 SE
Manuale istruzioni per l'uso
Si prega di contattare il nostro servizio a per un manuale in italiano per il Rollei PDF-S 240 SE.
S-40 spare battery
Hello I am very happy with my S-40 and i would like to buy spare batteries. Where can I buy some ? Thank you !
Please contact a local electronic store - they can order the spare battery for you from Rollei.
Rollei Picture Line 5150
I wonder if the model Rollei Picture Line 5150 can display images in random order?
The Rollei Pictureline 5150 can't replay images in a random order.
Record time
In 720p mode 90 minutes is the maximum recording time?
The maximum recording time of the Rollei Youngstar in mode 720p is 90 minutes.
s-40 wifi ?
cette fixation s'adapte t elle sur la S-40 wifi ?
The Rollei Wrist Bandage Wrap can also be used with the Rollei Actioncam S-40 WiFi.
comprei nova e a bataria nem 5 minutos dura já exprimentei com outros cartões e nada podem ajudar.
Please send your Rollei Youngstar to the repair service