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black screen
There is a black screen and the Busy light is on. I can not start the camera or turn it of. There have been a black screen now for and the busy light have been on in 1 hour.
Please test your Rollei Youngstar without or with another memory card.
Not working
Hello, my cam (which I used 5 times tops) just stopped working, it charges but doesn't turn on, when I connect it to the pc it says the device is not recognized.
Please test your Rollei Youngstar with another memory card.
Pc system
Hi, I'd like to know if your scan DF-S 290 HD, and DF-S 190 SE support Windows8
Since both scanners are stand-alone devices, they can also be used with Windows 8.
This kit is able to use on Youngstar? Is there some place that can i buy only one battery?
The car adapter of the Rollei Battery Kit can also be used, the other parts not. The Rollei Youngstar has a built-in battery that can't be exchanged.
Rollei S-50 wifi connection
How can you connect the Rollei S-50 to a password protected WiFi network?
You can't connect the Rollei Actioncam S-50 WiFi to another WiFi network. You can only connect mobile devices to the WiFi network of the actioncam.
It's unreal to set date and time on the new device. I see 01.01.1970 once and once again after the correct setting. Is it soft proble
If date and time can't be set in your Rollei Racy, it could only be caused by a technical fault.
Android App
The andorid app "Rollei 5S/S60 does not work on LG Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.2. Whats the problem?
The app has to be revised for Android 4.4. and higher. A new version will be available soon.
In time the battery may lose its initial characteristics. Is it possible to change the battery?
The built-in battery of the Rollei Racy can't be exchanged.
SD memory card
Images cannot be captured on the external SD memory card - SD memory card has been correctly formated - noting that this has occurred on the first apparatus I bought and the second replacement one. Is this a general fault with this product?
In the Rollei DF-S 290 HD only SD/SDHC memory cards up to 16 GB can be used. The memory cards have to be formatted to the file system FAT32. You also have to make sure that the memory card is inserted correctly into the card slot of the scanner.
Do you get the helmet mount with the camera?
The Rollei Youngstar is delivered with a helmet mount.