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compatibility with S-40 WIFI
Is it compatible with S-40 WIFI?
The Rollei 5S Chest Mount can't be used with the Rollei Actioncam S-40 WiFi.
Rollei s40
Hello, I would like to know if I the "rollei 3m Stickers" are compatibles with the rollei s40. Thanks, and have a good day.
The Rollei 3M Stickers can be used with the Rollei Actioncam S-40 WiFi.
automatic playing
Hi, Do you have an 8'' frame which can automaticly (on timer) play movie files (avi)? I need one with at least 2 GB of memory inside. Thank you.
At the moment we don't sell any picture frame with the requested features.
Bullet hd Pro
MY new Bullet HD pro doesn't start when pussing the on/off button. It also doesn't get off when pusshing this button
Please check if the battery is inserted correctly in the battery compartment and test the camera with another memory card.
wide lens angle
could you say me the wide lens angle of this camera? thank you
The angle of the lens is 135°.
Random slideshow
Are there plans to release software for a random function? This must be a very simple thing to program...
We are working on a new firmware with a random function.
do you ship to finland?
At the moment we can't offer to ship the products to Finland.
Live Movie for shop
Hello, is it possible to connect the glases with the monitor/PC to show the customers live action?
The Rollei Sunglasses Cams can't be connected to any output device while taking videos.
Rollei Bullet 5s
Hello, when I turn on my camera and if I wait 10 seconds, it automatically starts recording a video, and when I stop the recording, it starts again 5 seconds after. Do you have a solution ?
It seems that the option "G-Sensor" is enabled in your camera. With this option the camera starts recording whenever a motion is detected.
recording time with 32 GB
Hello from Cologne, how long is the time, I can record with a 32 GB-SD-Card. What is your experience. Thank you very much for answering, sincerly Dirk Meissner
Usually about 1 GB of space is needed for 10 minutes of video recording. Therefore with a 32 GB memory card more than 5 hours can be recorded.