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Case for S40
Hello, Do you sale case for actioncam S40 ? Regards
Unfortunately we don't sell the underwater cases for the Rollei Actioncam S-40.
remote pairing
I cant get the remote to pair with my s50 light stays blue never starts flashing
To pair the remote control with the camera, please execute the follwoing steps: - Take out the battery for a moment so that the camera is completely switched off - Insert the battery again - Press and hold the photo button until the blue LED is flashing - Within 10 seconds press one of the outer buttons of the remote control. The blue LED changes from flashing to continous light
Rollei Actioncam S-40
I have just received the above camera as a present. I live in Sydney and would like to purchase a helmet mount. I don't appear to be able to find a distributor??
Unfortunately there is no distributor at the moment in Australia for Rollei products.
Convert negative BW
color negatives is fine, when I select does not reverse negative BW
Did you set the right film type in the menu?
Hello, I cannot transfer my pictures to my MacBook Air what to do ? if i need a driver, where to download it ? thanks - taunoji
The Rollei DF-S 290 HD is a “stand alone” scanner, which means that it will be recognized by your computer as a removable disk device. No further driver software is needed.
Hola, querría saber si el scanner es compatible con Mac. Muchas gracias
The Rollei PDF-S 240 SE can also be used with Mac.
rollei 5s
i need external microfone for action cam. where do you find this ?
You need a mono microphone for the Rollei Bullet 5S, that can be found in electronical stores.
distanza wifi
qual'è la distanza massima tra la s-50 tramite il wifi?
La massima distanza é 10 metri.
How much does an additional battery cost and is it possible to purchase a higher capacity battery.
The Rollei Sunglasses cam has an built-in battery that can't be exchanged
Brand new battery problem
My new Rollei youngstar not turn off the charging light, even after many hours connected to the computer, and when I disconnect, it does not turn on. Thank you.
You have to send the camera to the repair service