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How to zoom with this camera?
You can't zoom with the Rollei Comactline 52
How do you define splashproof? Could these be used for windsurfers for example?
Yes, the Rollei Sunglasses Cam 200 can also be used for windsurfing.
Is the lens rotatable?
The lens of the Rollei Actioncam S-30 WiFi isn't rotatable.
Loop recording
Does this cam have a loop recording feature?
The Rollei CarDVR-110 has a loop option integrated.
Is it really TFT-LED - type?
The Rollei Designline 6130 has an TFT LED display.
anywhere on line to read reviews on this model. How would this compare to sony tr250 handicam?/
There are no reviews of the Rollei Actioncam S-30 WiFi until now.
print panoram
Hi, i can create a panorama on the rollei application but when i choose print the format is 10/15 and not all the panorama appears how can i print a panorama plse
If the panorama picture isn't printed out correctly, the printer might be faulty.
PDF-S 330 Pro
How to clean the glass inside the scanner ? It is terribly dirty
You can't clean the inner parts of the scanner by youself. You have to send the scanner to the repair service.
Wifi Verbindung, welche App muss ich runterladen ? Andoid tablet
Für die Rollei Actioncam S-50 WiFi benötigen Sie die App "Rollei S-50"
Rollei Bullet 4S
Hello! Can I use this product with Rollei Bullet 4S? Thanks for your reply
You can use the Rollei Car Kit for the Rollei Bullet 4S.