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bonjour, ou trouver des accessoires pour rollei s50, support, sangles....
Please see the section Actioncam accessories in our online shop.
Racy Full HD
Hi I used my camera today for the first time weather was sunny and dry but my waterproof case had condence on the lense I had attached the camera to my car when I stopped filming the lense was White and you could not see what I had recorded ? could it be that because of the cold air and the sun that condenced air was caused ? thanks for your answer ...Gary
In these case you have to use anti-fog pads in the underwater housing to prevent the effect.
Touch Screen Sensitivity
I am having trouble with having to press quite hard on the touch screen, especially the zoom minus function-is this normal?
The touch screen of the Rollei Racy should work easier as mentioned here. So you have to send the camera to the repair service.
Neues Akku
Hallo,wo kann ich einen Ersatzakku fur meinen Rollei Bullet HD lite 2 kaufen? Danke
Ersatzakkus für die Rollei Bullet HD lite 2 finden Sie im Fachhandel unter der Typbezeichnung 103-100.
s50 firmware update issue
I am trying to do the update as per your instructions. I have unzipped the .bin which is now a .bin.cpgz the camera says update firmware but does not allow me to enter it. please help Daniel
The bin file is the right update file, mit the bin.cpgz file.
bonjour est ce que la rollei s50 est compatible avec les accessoires go pro?
Most of the GoPro accessoires can also be used with the Rollei actioncams
Hi, Is it possible to start a slideshow which includes all folders on the device?
The Rollei Designline 6170 replays always the pictures from all folders on the memeory card.
Filming while being charged Rollei Racy
Can the Rollei Racy continue filming while being charged by an (external) charger/battery.
The Rollei Racy can't be used while charging the battery.
My Video doesn't play with sound. Doesn't it have a build in video mic??
The Rollei Sportsline has a built-in microphone, but no speaker.
front cover doesn't close
Hi, I love the cam, use it with a 64 GB mem card since yesterday. One problem (after solving memcard problem via this questions and answers) I have trouble closing my front cover when the battery is inserted. (goes well without the battery) Can you give me some advice, it doesn't close on the side of the battery) Thank you. Jürgen (Deinze, Belgium, Rollei S-50 ski edition)
Please close the front cover first at the lens side and then at the battery side.