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Rollei cardvr-110 macht keine Videoaufnahme
Vor 2 Tagen habe ich es bemerkt dass meine Cardvr-110 keine Videoaufnahme macht und ich sehe auch kein Bild von der Kamera. Die linke Taste funkzioniert auch nicht. Hat jemand auch das Problem? Das Gerät habe ich mitte November letztes Jahr gekauft und seither benutzt. Es ist im Auto drin, das Auto ist in einer Tiefgarage. Das Kabel ist nicht beschädigt, das Gerät ist nie runtergefallen. Danke im Voraus für Hilfe.
Bitte senden Sie die Kamera zum Reparaturservice ein.
Oleg Boronin
Hello. You send Actioncam S-50 WiFi Standard in Russia? I want to order. Payment via PaiPal.
At the moment it's not possible to order from Russia.
Does these fit to Rollei Youngstar?
The Rollei 3M Sticker can also be used with the Rollei Youngstar.
Remote control S50
Hi, How do I use the remote control ? I have charged the remote control but dont seem to be able to turn the camera on or off or start recording remotely.
You can only use the remote control if the blue led at the front lights up. To switch on the blue led, press the photo button for 3 seconds and release it.
Sorry but we want to buy a new underwater housin for our rollei bullet 5S (the same as we bought with the cam) and we don't find it on internet. could you help us ASAP. Thank you very much. Vincent Joubert
Please contact our service center via
The only way to charge the battery is through USB? No charger available?
The Powerflex 240 can also be charged by using an USB line adaptor.
micro-sd card
Would my Rollei Youngstar not work if I used a micro-sd card class 10. I thought of buyng one since I heard it would better it's performance.
Class 10 cards are always recommendable regarding video files.
Bonjour, J'ai une caméra actioncam S-40 Wifi, le harnais est-t-il compatible pour ma caméra ? Cordialement BOLLORE NOLWENN
Malheureusement cet harnais n'est pas compatible avec la caméra s40 wifi.
Can´t turn off the blue light
Hi, i wonder how to turn off the blue remote indicator lamp in the corner? i can´t turn it off, i´ve tryed with the remote and also on the camera on/off button but it wont go off, and it does not feel right to have to take out the battery each time to turn it off? is it something wrong with the camera i just bought it, i also had some problems when i connected it to my computer and it lagged and got stuck with the blue screen and the text "USB Connecting" but nothing more happened and i couldn´t turn it off and had to take out the battery this time to, standard problem or is something wrong?
The blue LED states that the Actioncam s50wifi is on standby and can be controled by using the remote control. Press the photo button for about 10sec and the LED as well as the camera will turn off.
Blue light stays on
I used the remote control successfully, but now the camera blue light won't turn off. Pressing the relevant button for 3 seconds causes the blue light to flash, but on releasing the button, the light comes back on permanently.
The blue LED of the s50 wifi indicates the standby-mode and will only turn off when you keep on pressing the photo button for about 10sec. The camera itself will also be turned off completely in this case.