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hi! Can I use Rollei DW-10 WIFI-KIT in my Bullet 5S 1080p Outdoor?
The Rollei Bullet 5S can't be used with the WiFi adaptor DW-10.
stand alone
Could be possible work without computer connection?
With the Rollei DF-S 290 HD you can only scan without any computer connection.
Rollei S-50
good day I canĀ“t connect the camera to my phone (Galaxy note 3) for WIFI The network is visible, put the password (00000000) but when I make the connection the message (The connection will be disconnected for being too slow) appears I appreciate your help
Please test the connection with a lower video resolution
my computer does not recognise my sunglasses
Please try to connect the sunglass cam to another usb port of your computer.
Movies on Pictureline 4200
Hi, The 4200 appears to be out of production but I am trying to put movie clips on them for commercial use. I am preparing the clips in MovieMaker adding captions but unless I use very low resolutions the frame tells me the file is not supported. Any ideas? What are the absolute parameters for this frame? Thanks
Which video codec do you use for the video files? Please check the supported formats in the manual.
The Rollei DF-S 100 SE is a stand-alone device and can also be used with Mac systems.
S-50 Wifi on/off button
My on/off button on the Wifi S-50 is stuck and doesn't press. How can I fix it ? or how can I turn on the camera ? Also the remote only flash once when I try to press the last button, I can't get it to work
The camera has to be sent to the repair service. The remote control flashes if it is not charged.
Remote Control
The battery of my remote seems to be low. How do I charge it ?
You have to connect the docking station with the remote control inserted with a usb power supply.
Can be used with Rollei Youngstar?
"Chest Kit for Rollei Youngstar/ Racy does this chest kit fit for the Rollei Youngstar or Rollei Racy? If not, what is chest kit to use for Rollei Youngstar or Rollei Racy? Answer: The Rollei 4S Chest Kit can only be used with the Rollei Bullet 4S, but not with any other Rollei actioncam. The Rollei 5S Chest Mount can be used with most other actioncams, including the Rollei Youngstar and Rollei Racy." Can be used or not with Rollei Youngstar?
The Rollei Chest Mount can be used with the Rollei Youngstar, but not with the Rollei Racy.
Rollei Bullet HD Youngstar
Can I use this product on Rollei Youngstar?
The Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount can be used with the ROllei Youngstar.