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busy leuchtet
Hi, busy leuchtet und ich bekomme die kamara nicht mehr aus. Display spinnt und die ganze kamara ist warm
Bitte testen Sie Ihre Rollei Youngstar mit einer anderen Speicherkarte bis max. 32 GB (Klasse 6 oder höher).
flashing parts in the movie
When I play the video, that i've recorded, on my computer, I see sometimes some flashing parts of the movie in my movie. What's the reason for this?
You should test another memory card in your Rollei Youngstar
S50 problem with wifi
I recently the S50 and i'm unable to make the wifi work. the wifi is turned on on the camera but i cannot see any network on my laptop. can you give me the procedure to make it work.
You can't connect the camera with the laptop. It an only be connected with mobile devices.
Rollei Bullet HD Youngstar
There is any chest kit/mount compatible with Rollei Youngstar?
You can us the Rollei 5S Chest Mount for the Rollei Youngstar
Serial number
I purchase a Rollei Actioncam S-50 Wifi few days ago. When I want to download Video Studio X6 COREL, they ask me for a serial number of the cam...unfortunately, I didn't find any number on the cam! Where can I found the serial nbr... on the cam or on the box???
The serial number of the Rollei Actioncam S-50 WiFi can be found in the battery compartment.
Default password 00000000 dont work !!! How I change password ?
You can't change the password of the Rollei Actioncam S-30 WiFi. Are you sure to enter 8x the digit zero, not the letter O?
mac compatibility
I have imac and i saw that the Racy is compatible only with windows.Even if i can't access the camera to download the clips i can use a card adapter, but can i charge the battery on my mac?
The Rollei Bullet Racy will be charged by using an USB cable or USB line adaptor. Videos and files can be transferred to your Mac because the camera will only be recognized as a storage device.
Hi, I have a Bullet 5S 1080P Wifi Outdoors Edition. I didn't have any editing software with the product. Is it normal? What do you recommend? Thanks
The Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi is not delivered with a video editing software. We can recommend the program Corel VideoStudio to edit the videos taken with the Rollei actioncams.
Auto focus
Is there auto fokus. For eg. I can not read text on picture taken over newspaper. I tried macro and other modes with same results.
You have to fokus a picture by pressing the shutter half way until the fokus frame is shown in green. Only then you should take the picture. For your purpose you should use the scene mode for text.
this support is compatible with racy rollei inside the box waterproof
The Car Kit can only be used in combination with the Bullet Racy when the camera is in its housing because the camera itself does not have a tripod screw.