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actioncam s-40
Hello, I've received a s-40 actioncam which stops filming by itself, sometime atfer 30min, sometime after 5min, even when battery is fully charged. This makes the device unusable since we never know if the cam is well filming or not. What is your recommandation / proposal ? Best regards
Please test another memory card in the camera. The memory card should be class 6 or higher.
Date & time setting
I have a Rollei Racer and the date and time setting has defaulted to 01/01/1970 & 00:00 and cannot be set to the correct date, this results in any new recording replaces the previous recording, the reset button does not fix this, can you help?
If you entered date and time correctly and the settings are not stored, you have to send the camera to the repair service.
mot de passe wifi
bonjour, je n'arrive pas à me connecter à ma camera s-50 en wifi avec mon smartphone, ça me dit mot de passe wifi incorrect, j'ai mpris le code du manuel, 00000000. Merci d'avance pour la réponse
Veuillez vérifier que vous utilisez le chiffre "0" et pas la lettre "O". Il faut taper 8 fois le chiffre "0".
I have a DF-S 190 SE film scanner which I have not used for a couple of years. Now, when connected to the computer when I switch on it automatically switches it's self off after several seconds. Am I missing something??? Best Regards Ian Storey
The scanner can only be used to transfer the already scanned pictures to th computer. The scanning itself can only be done at the scanner. If the scanner switches completely off while connected to the computer, the scanner has to be sent to the repair service.
Does this kit includes the case?
The underwater case is included in the Rollei 4S Chest Kit.
Is a memory card included?
There is no memory card included with the Rollei Youngstar.
shutter brocken
does it give spareparts for the black schutter /huck on top of the UW Case if it is brocken by closing the UW Case
Please send a picture of the spare parts needed and a copy of the receipt to our service at
harnais de poitrine pour s50
Bonjour Je recherche un harnais de poitrine pour une cam S50 sans succes. Le harnais pour une 4s ou 5s est il compatible? cordialement
Malheureusement nous ne disposons pas d'un harnais de poitrine pour la Rollei s50wifi actuellement. Les autres harnais, de la caméra 4s ou 5s, ne sont pas compatible avec la caméra s50wifi.
what size digital prints could I make from the scans
The image resolution of the Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro is 9 Megapixel. Pictures with this resolution usually can be printed out in DIN A3 format or less.
S50 not found by my PC...
Hi, My S50 is not found by my PC on windows 8.1 when on USB, even after an upgrade of the firmware (1.13). Is there something wrong or is there any compatibility problem with W8.1? It works on my old windows XP PC...
The camera usually can be connected to Windows 8.1. Please test the camera with all USB ports of your computer. If it still doesn't work, please give us a feedback by e-mail to