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Dear team, I have a pictureline 8100 and would like to set up the rotation mode. It now stops at the last picture and only shows the last picture. Can you please instruct how to set up? Best regards, Levy
The picture frame rotates the pictures automatically. The function can't be set by hand.
how many timer functions have ?
The picture frame Rollei Designline 6130 provides one timer function.
Ich kann den Treiber für die Camera nicht installieren. Fehler code 28. Wie komme ich aneinen funktionierenden Treiber?
Die Rollei Youngstar wird am Computer als USB-Massenspeichergerät erkannt, für das die Treiber auf allen Windows-Systemen vorinstalliert sind. Daher werden von unserer Seite keine weiteren Treiber zur Verfügung gestellt. Lässt sich die Kamera nicht installieren, so sollte Sie zunächst die verschiedenen USB-Anschlüsse des Computers testen.
Screen resolution
What is the screen resolution? Thank you
The resolution of the display is 800x600 pixel.
Shipping to Spain
Is it possible for me to buy your products from Spain?
At the moment you can't order the Rollei products from our online shop. In Spain you can find these products at Media Markt for example.
replay slideshow pictures
Is it possible to automatically replay the slideshow of pictures? So it is continues in the loop?
The slideshow of pictures can be repeated in a loop.
Display non visualizza menu Home
quando si accende non visualizza il menù Home
Si dovrebbe provare lo scanner con un'altra scheda di memoria. Se il problema rimane lei dovrebbe rivolgersi al servizio tecnico.
Rollei Actioncam Youngstar SD card
Hello, which class of microSD can I use in this cam ? class4 / class10 / UHS-1 ... microSD / microSDHC Thank you for answer.
In the Rollei Youngstar microSDHC memory cards can be used up to 32 GB. The memory card should be of class 6 or higher.
Dia Film Scanner DF-S 190 SE
I just bought this product and after just loading 5 slides and downloading them on my computer a FULL sign appeared and I am not able to use it anymore. I have checked and on my computer it says that the folder is empty, so there is no reason why the full sign should appear. Also I never even put an sd card in it how can it be full? please help I bought this through and I would much rather fix it then send it back. Thank you Monica Giuliani
The Rollei Scanner DF-S 190 SE provides an internal memory if no memory card is inserted. On this internal memory up to 10 pictures can be stored. In your case you should format the internal memory with the format function in the setup menu of the scanner.
S-50 Battery seems too big
One of my batteries seems slightly too big, so I can't make the cover fit perfectly. It keeps opening slightly on the right hand side (facing the screen) any advice?
Please send your address and a copy of the receipt to