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10 bit color
Scanner PDF S-330 Pro has declaired 10 bit color deep. What format is used for recording images? JPEG is only 8 bit. I can not find the technical data.
The Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro uses JPEG too. That's why the format becomes limited to 8bit.
AcitonCam 100
Dear Support! I have a Actioncam 100. Where can I download the latest software update and how to do the upgrade process? Best Regards, Peter
There is no firmware update available for the Rollei Actioncam 100.
can i buy a spare power lead and car mount for my rollei 110 car dvr ?
Please contact our service staff at to place an order for accessories for your Rollei Car-DVR110.
Sensortype and Size
I wonder how large the imagesensor is and of what type it is in these glasses? The size does matter when it comes to handeling poor lighting as I've heard.
The Rollei Sunglasses Cam 200 has a CMOS sensor with a size of 1/3.2".
Firmware Update
Hello, Purchased S-50 Wifi, new lexar class 10 64GB mem card. Followed your instructions for firmware update, no luck. Formatted the card in exFat32 (that's the only Fat option). Still no luck. Can modify all other settings but the firmware.
A memory card with 64 GB can only be used if it is formatted to FAT32. If the computer doesn't offer this option, you can use a program like FAT32Formater that is available on the internet.
Transferring photos to smartphone
How can i transfer photos from my racy to smartphone?
The pictures of the Rollei Racy can only be transferred to a smartphone if the the memory card is inserted into the smartphone.
Rollei 5S wifi: no auto cont capture!
In capture mode I do only get 3 modes but no auto cont capture in whatever resolution I put the camera. My card is empty.. The camera is new. SN:3042301998
The mode "auto cont capture" doesn't work in the current version of the app. We are working on a new version with this function.
carry atound
Can I carry the frame around or do I need to be connected to electricity
The Rollei Pictureline 8100 doesn't contain a rechargeable battery. Therefor it needs to be connected to the mains adapter. Only the Rollei Pictureline 8200 works with a rechargeable battery.
Rollei Bullet 5S WiFi
Hallo, lässt sich die 5s Wifi via wifi auch mit einem Computer verbinden? Zur drahtlosen Übertragung der Videos/Fotos.
Die Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi kann nicht drahtlos mit einem Computer verbunden werden.
USB live out
Is it possible to get a live picture from the usb port ?
The USB port of the Rollei Actioncam S-50 WiFi doesn't transmit any live picture. This can only be done with the HDMI port.