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time lapse firmware
hallo,i have bought an s5 outdoor edition.i would like to know which time lapse firmware i have to download.maybe for standard s5? thank you very much. greetings.
There is no newer firmware for the Rollei Bullet 5S available. Only for the Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi a new firmware with the video time lapse function is available. In this case you have to contact our service at
time lapse firmware
buonasera. volevo sapere se devo scaricare il time lappe firmware per la s5 outdoor edition. eventualmente quale versione devo scaricare? la standard? grazie
Per la Rollei Bullet 5S non esiste finora una nuova firmware. Soltanto per la Rollei Actioncam 5S WiFi una nuova firmware é disponibile. In questo caso lei dovrebbe rivolgersi al nostro servizio:
Black screen on S50
When I switch ON the camera a first time, I have a black rear screen (except icons I can see). I wait 20 sec. then switch OFF and switch ON again immediately, the screen then works fine. I switch OFF, wait 5 min. then switch ON and I have again black screen. Repeating the same procedure and the screen display appears again. Is it normal?
If this error occurs also with another memory card, you have to send the camera to our repair service.
Can I connect the printer with my Ultrabook (Win 8.1)?
The Rollei WiFi Photo Printer can only be connected to mobile devices with iOS and Android system.
black and white
Can I also scan black and white negatives?
With all Rollei scanners black and white negatives can be scanned.
When I go filming my rides in mountain biking the lens get foggy I don't know why, I think the camera superheats and that makes her foggy, it's not underwater that the lens get fogged it's outdoor when I ride my bike, should I still buy anti-fog pads?
Yes, you should use anti-fog pads also in this case.
soporte negativos
He recibido mi pdf-s 240 SE, y ha llegado con dos soportes para escanear diapositivas, y ninguno para escanear negativos. Por las fotos, parece q hay ciertas diferencias. Cómo puedo conseguir el soporte para las películas?? De la pregunta anterior, entiendo que no es compatible con Apple para transferir directamente. gracias
Please contact our service center via Our staff will gladly send you the missing part.
Continuous Shooting?
Can you advise if the Youngstar can be set up to take continuous photographs every 5 or 10 seconds.
The Rollei Youngstar does not offer a continuous photo mode.
quand je veux allumer ma caméra sous l'eau en plongée pour filmer un scène intéressante cela prend plus ou moins quinze secondes car je dois attendre que l'icône du wifi soit vert pour pouvoir filmer. J'ai donc voulu désactiver le wifi via le menu. Que je choisisse l'option désactiver ou pas de toute façon le wifi fonctionne. Que dois je faire pour que le wifi ne s'allume pas quand je suis sous l'eau ?
Vous pouvez désactiver le wifi de votre s50 selon l'explication dans le mode d'emploi - l'índex du menu " wifi intégré".
i followed the instruction but it didn't work. when i switched on the cam it didn't ask me nothing. in the manual i found the automatic shooting control but in the cam menu it isn't. i can't do any time lapse in that way. what about time lapse firmware? thanks
The actual firmware offers a video time lapse function. If this firmware can't be installed, you can send the camera to our repair service.