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build in electronic flash?
Is there build-in electronic flash?
The Rollei Powerflex 240 has a built-in flash.
order online
Can I order online Powerflex 240 HD camera from USA?
In our Rollei online store you can`t order any products for the USA. But there is one website that offers various Rollei products also in the USA:
vibration reduction
Does this including vibration reduction?
The Rollei Powerflex 240 contains a digital image stabilizer.
DF-S 100 SE
Umschaltung Farbdia -Schwarz-weiß-Negativ
Zum Ändern des Filmtyps gehen Sie zum Hauptmenü des Rollei DF-S 100 SE. Wählen Sie Punkt 3 "Filmtyp" aus und bestätigen Sie mit OK. Im anschließenden Menü den gewünschten Filmtyp auswählen und mit OK bestätigen. Siehe auch Handbuch Seite 25, Punkt 3.
DF-S 100 SE
how do i keep the lens and inside clean
You can use the brush that is included when You buy the Rollei DF-S 100 SE. Otherwise You can use a really soft wipe, only a little wet, and slide it through the slit of the scanner very carefully.
Hello, this 4S chest kit, it's ok for a actioncam S40 Tahnk for your answer best regards
Yes, the Rollei 4S Chest Kit is also suitable with Rollei S-40 WiFi.
Taking pictures
I would like to know if i can take photos with the arm extension using the rollei youngstar?
Unfortunately the Rollei Arm Extension doesn't have a shutter button. Depending on what camera You are using You can still use the remote. If not only videos can be taken.
Vertical pictures
Pictures taken vertically with camera are shown horizontal in the frame. If I rotate, this is not saved - next time they are horizontal again. If I connect the frame with my computer the pictures are shown vertically on my screen. I use a Scan Disc 4 GB for the Frame. -How can I save the vertical view of the Pictures? RGDS
If you rotate a picture with the Rollei Pictureline 8300, the rotation is not saved permanently. This can only be done at a computer.
Car Usage Racy
How can I use the power cable when using Rollei Car Mount with Rollei Racy? I think I have to use the waterproof case and there is no possibiliy to link the cam with cable.
The power adapter of the Rollei Car Kit is meant for charging the built-in battery, not for the usage of the camera.
Hallo habe eine neue fernbedienung fur meine bullet 4s! Wie kann ich diese beiden verknüpfen?
Die Synchronisation der Fernbedienung der Rollei Bullet 4S lässt sich wie folgt durchführen: Halten Sie die Videotaste der Kamera gedrückt und schalten die Kamera ein. Sobald das normale Kamerabild angezeigt wird, lassen Sie die Videotaste los und rücken an der Fernbedienung gleichzeitig die beiden äußeren Tasten.