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best player
hi.when seeing the videos on computer there some streaming problems...which player do you recomend for playing videos recorded on a rollei actioncam?
All videos of the Rollei cameras can be replayed with the vlc player.
rollei s50 wifi
my qestion is how can i set the wifi in what is the code for the connection
The WiFi turns on after a while automaticly and the connection password is 00000000 (8x digit zero)
dia thickness
What is the max thickness of the mounted slides? can I download the manual?
For the Rollei DF-S 290 HD the maximum thickness of the dias is 3.2 mm. To get the manual, please contact our customer service team at
HELLO! Yesterday I buy one camera Rollei Action Cam s-50 Wifi Standard edition in in Andorra, and i don't know where is my serial number to buy free videostudio. if you need ticket to buy this camera and pay, i don't have problem to send it, thanks for your attention
The serial number for the Rollei Action Cam S-50 is located in the battery compartment. You have to open the battery cover and remove the battery.
Iphone 5
Can I use this one for the iPhone 5 but in vertical position, not only in horizontal position?
The table stand can be used with an iPhone 5. The adapter for iPhones is not included. The adapter must be purchased separately. If there is a vertical version available, the iphone can be attached to the tripod in this position.
Rollei Actioncam 5S
Good evening I have a Rollei Actioncam 5S wifi and FIND where I can buy a waterproof case because mine is not damaged thank you for your help bruno morga
Please contact our service at
Firmware update
Where can I get / download a newer Firmware ?
Unfortunately, for the Rollei Sportsline 60 there is no firmware update for disposal
Racy Full-HD
Hello, Does Racy have build-in or replaceable battery? Thanks
For the Rollei Racy Full-HD there is no replaceable batteries available, because this camera has an integrated battery.
Changing settings
Why can't I change the settings whith the described method? New settings won't save!
To ensure that the changes are transferred the next time you start your Sunglasses Cam,please change the value for updates to •y• (Yes). Y = changes are applied, N = changes are not applied. In case this might not be working, we advice you to contact our customer service for further assistance:
Ton und Video Asynchron
Hallo, bei meiner Rollei Youngstar ist der Ton sporadisch asynchron mit dem Video. Heute habe ich 2 Videos gemacht, das erste war normal, beim 2. war es asynchron. Woran kann das liegen? Ich nutze eine Mikro-SD-Karte klasse 10 eines Markenherstellers.
Es ist möglich, dass Ihr PC oder Laptop Schwierigkeiten bei der Wiedergabe des Videos hat. Versuchen Sie zunächst alle offenen Programme Ihres PC`s während der Videowiedergabe zu schließen. Probieren Sie auch das Video auf einem anderen Gerät wiederzugeben. So können Sie am einfachsten testen, ob das Problem mit Ihrem Wiedergabemedium in Verbindung steht.