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Actioncam S-50
Can I use this chest kit with Actioncam S-50?
Yes, the Rollei Chest Kit is compatible with the Rollei Actioncam S-50.
Download straight to mac
Hi, is there a way of scanning a slide straight to a folder on my mac rather than to an sd card which I then have to upload to the mac? Thanks Andy
Unfortunately that's not possible. The Rollei DF-S 190 SE is a stand alone printer and You have to do it through Your SD-Card.
Can you have the youngstar with this?
Yes, you can use the Rollei Diving Hand Strap with the Rollei Youngstar
Ce chargeur et les deux batteries fournies avec celui-ci sont ils compatibles avec l'actioncam Rollei 5S" 1080p
The Rollei External Charger ist not compatible with Your Rollei Action Cam S 1080p
Rollei actioncam 100
is it compatible with rollei action cam 100?
The Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount can not be used with the Rollei actioncam 100
Today i used the rollei camera for the first time. However a problem occurred. The camera records only one film. so, if stop recording and want to record a second one, the first one disappears. am i doing something wrong?
Please test your R>ollei Racy with another meory card up to 32 GB.
removing housing door
I have the ski edition which has the casing door that produces poor sound quality, also in the box is the backdoor for better sound use, there is no instructions on how to remove and replace the backdoor, how is it done ?
The hinge on the side of Your underwater case for Rollei S-50 Ski Edition has a slot. Carefully pull on the backdoor and it'll come off. Now place the new backdoor. For further assistance or pictures, please contact customer service
Will the Youngstar UW case ever be available again.? I bought the Youngstar less than 6 month ago and the case latch broke so it can't be closed. So I need a new one.
There is currently no clue when the underwater housing is available again
Rollei actioncam 100
Why in your site you don't speaks about rollei actioncam 100? Do you sell accessories compatible with this actioncam?
The Actioncam Rollei 100 was one of the first actioncams and isn't on sell anymore. Unfortunately we can't offer any accessories for this camera.
do you have Rollei S-50 WiFi shipping israel?
Unfortunately we can only ship to european addresses.