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s50 housing
Please provide a detailed description or better still a video of how to remove the waterproof door to replace for the non waterproof door to improve sound.
For a detailed description and pictures, please contact our customer service via e-mail:
There is a suction mount? there is the possibility of attack on the handlebars of the bike?
With Your Rollei S-30 WiFi the Rollei Bike Kit would work.
Rollei Pictureline 8200
Memory Card Capacity
It is recommended to use memory cards up to 16 GB. The memory card has to be formatted to the file format FAT32.
Rollei S50 Nitro edtion
Why is my action cam not recording. Since i updated my cam is not recording. i push the button and it just beeps and does not record. i can still take photos though
We advise You to take Your SD Card out of the camera and format it through Your PC. On the camera itself, please hit reset. For further assistance please contact our customer service via email:
Hi guys. What is the grip strength of this Magnet Cup? How many Kg does it holds before looses grip? Tx, MB
The Rollei Magnet Cup was designed for Action Cams only. We do not recommend to put anything more heavy on it.
Randomize images
Is it possible to randomize images ?
The latest version of the Rollei Pictureline 8300 comes with this setting already. For former versions of this picture frame model please contact
photo file format
to what formats can photo's be scanned? jpg png pdf etc.?
The pictures of the Rollei DF-S 290 HD are saved as JPEG files.
File format?
What is the file format to save (RAW or jpg)?
The pictures of the Rollei DF-S 290 HD are as JPEG files.
random order
Pictures are always shown in the same order (sorted by name on SD card). Is it possible to show the pictures randomly (diashow)? Sorting the files on date or filesize doesn't help.
We have a new firmware available for the Rollei Pictureline 8300. Please contact us via E-Mail at
Quick release plate for Fotopro DIGI 9300
Hello! I recently bought this tripod from a Swedish retailer. And I badly need a new quick release plate for my tripod. I have been looking all over the internet but I can not find it anywhere. Could you guys please help me out here?
You should find quick release plates for the Rollei DIGI 9300 from other brands in every photo store.