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Hello, I got a Bullet HD2 camera. I have a problem in charging the battery for the second time. I see a red light and a vibration sound. To clarify, I was able to charge the battery the first time without problems and I used it until it was empty. With the second recharge I'm having problems. What do you suggest? Thanks Stefano
Are You using the original cable that was included when You bought the Rollei Bullet HD2? Using a wrong cable can be an indicator for vibration and non-charging.
Motorized slider
Is a motorized option available with a controller?
Unfortunately there is no motorized option available with the Rollei Shark Slider S1
Can this extension be used for diving (in salt water) or will it rust?
The Rollei Arm Extension S 505 can be used for diving. We only recommend to wipe it after using it in salt water.
rollei bullet HD 5s
Buon giorno ho da poco acquistato questa telecamera,il problema è che dopo alcune riprese ne fallisce alcune,poi provo di nuovo e riprende bene poi di nuovo fallisce,ho usato una micro sd 16 gb classe 4 .lo stabilizzatore è in automatico o si deve impostare?Grazie
We recommend to try a micro Sd Card up to 32GB, so 16Gb would be okay but it should be class 10.
Waterproof case
Is it possible to attach the waterproof case to the Bike Kit?
Yes, the waterproof case from the Rollei Racy and Rollei Youngstar can be attached to the Rollei Bike Kit.
When is the tripod available? You have many tripods but many are also NOT available.....
The Rollei tripod Compact Traveler No. 1 will be available from end of May.
pictures quality & battery
can it take good-quality pictures? what is the resolution? and how long does the battery last?
Full HD Resolution (1080p) guarantees breath-taking results in optimal quality. You can increase the frame rate up to 60 fps (1080i) to capture crystal clear slow-motion images. Photos can be taken while video recording. The battery lasts up to 65/80 minutes with full charged battery (with/without WiFi and Display)
Rollei actioncam S-40 Wifi
Hello, I have a Actioncam S-40 Wifi. I would know if Head Strap to Rollei 3S/4S/5S can be used in my camera?
The Rollei Actioncam S-40 WiFi is compatible with the Rollei Head Strap Kit.
Rollei actioncam S-40 Wifi
Hello, I have a rollei Actioncam S-40 wifi. I would know if Rollei Diving Hand Strap can be used in my camera?
The Rollei Actioncam S-40 WiFi is compatible with the Rollei Diving Hand Strap.
Rollei actioncam S-40 Wifi
is it compatible with rollei actioncam S-40 wifi?
The Rollei S-40 WiFi is compatible with the Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount.