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do you ship to south america
Sorry, but we only ship to several countries in Europe.
no image
I have a new Rollei s50 cam - but when I turn it on the display lights up but has no image on it.
Please test the camera with a different microSDHC card formatted to the file system FAT32. If that's not working You need to send it to our service facility for servicing and possibly exchange.
5S, no sound in casing
Hello, I have a Rollei 5S and it works perfectly by itself, but records no sound when installed in the protective case. Can you help, please?
Only the Rollei 5S Diving Edition has a Underwater Protective Case with a changeable backside. All other 5S Editions don't. Unfortunately the sound quality suffers having Your Rollei 5S in the protective case.
remote control
hey i bought my rolley yesterday and the remote control only works when the camera is already on, if i turn it off using the remote control it works, if the camera is off and i press to turn it onit doesn't, is this intended by you guys ?
It's true, the remote of the Rollei Racy Full-HD only works when camera is turned on
When can i buy under woter case its not avabil nos why i want to buy one under water case
What camera exactly do You have? Please contact our service at
Hallo Zusammen, hat der Camcorder einen Standby-Betrieb und lässt sich die Kamera dann mit der App starten? Besten Dank
Der Rollei Mini WiFi Camcorder 1 hat keine Standby-Funktion. Mit der dazugehörigen App können Sie die Kamera nicht steuern, da diese App nur empfängt aber nicht sendet.
cable d"alimentation 12 v
J'ai perdu le câble d'alimentation 12 v. Mon revendeur ne peut m'en fournir un nouveau. Pouvez-vous m'aider. Merci
Il s'agit du quel model?
Front cover doesn't close
I have just received by post my new rollei s50. When I tried to close the front cover after inserting the battery, it does not want to close. Yes, I have tried closing first lens side and then battery side. Does not close anyway.
Please take care when you inserting the battery, that this is completely pressed against the contacts and the pull tab is smooth on the surface of the battery. Then, place the front cover on the side of the battery and close it on the lens side. If this doesn't work, you have to send the camera to our repair service.
Memory Card
Is it possibile to use 128GB SDXC cards?
With the Rollei CarDVR you can use a microSDHC cards up to 32GB, Class 6 or faster.
Problème bullet hd lite 2
Bonjour, j ai acheté une rollei hd bullet lite 2 le 4 décembre 2012 sur le site vente privée , et je m aperçois qu elle ne charge pas les batterie, elle ne les a jamais chargée mais comme j ai plusieurs batteries je ne m en été pas rendu compte.... Que puis je faire pour faire réparer ma caméra?
Veuillez envoyer votre appareil à notre Service après vente en France: Siemtech SARL, ZA les Anguillaires, 31410 NOE. Veuillez joindre une copie de votre facture ainsi qu'une petite déscription du défaut.