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Bonjour est ce compatible avec ma Racé Full HD ?
The Rollei 5S Chest Mount is not compatible with the Rollei Racy Full HD.
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Is this suitable for the Rollei Bullet
What is the exact model of the Rollei Bullet You're asking about?
Device temperature during charging
Hello. As for the subject, I am wondering whether is standard the warming up of my device during the battery charging. I think the temp is above 60 degree celsius... Thank you in advance
It is normal that the Rollei S-50 WiFi gets warm while charging. If you feel like it is heating up quite much, You can send it to one of our service facilities in order for our technicians to review and possibly replace it. You can contact us via email
Est ce compatible avec Rollei Racy Full-HD
The Rollei 4S Chest Kit is not compatible with the Rollei Racy Full HD.
Video recording time
Hi. I have just bought a S50. In the list of video recordings, there are many options to choose from. I would like to know how long time I can record for 1GB (I have 32GB) for the following options 1080p = ? GB/hour 720p = ? GB/hour
With the Rollei Actioncam S-50 WiFi Standard You can calculate 10 minutes for 1GB in both resolutions.
what is the latest fimware name
The latest firmware is still in processing. It will be available on the Rollei site after completion.
How much does the camera (Racy) weigh?
The Rollei Racy Full HD weights 72 grams without the battery and SD-Card.
Shipping to Norway?
Hi! We would like to register and order from your website, but it seems like you do not send to Norway. Is that a fact?
At the moment it is not possible to order from Norway.
non funziona
non parte la registrazione me le foto quando schiaccio il bottone video la luce rossa e' sempre accesa
Please send your Rollei Actioncam s50 wifi to our Service facility in Germany, Denisstraße 28a, 67663 Kaiserslautern. Our technicians will have a look at it and come back to you asap.
Can I charge this camera with AC adapter?
Dear Rollei! Youngstar has only USB plug, but I would like to charge the battery with AC adapter. Do you have any adapter to transform the USB cable to an AC adapter? Or can I use a mobile phone USB to AC adapter for Youngstar charging?
You can also charge the Rollei Youngstar with a mains plug. The mains plug must spend 5 V and 500 mAh.