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Serial number
Where can I find the s/n of the s30
The serial number can be found on a sticker on the enclosed instruction card for Corel Video Studio X6.
wich cam
Can all Rollei action cams be used on this?
Yes, the Rollei Arm Extensions is compatible with all Rollei actioncams we offers for sale.
Do you have all the 5 colours in stock right now?
The Rollei Pictureline 5084 is only available in the colours apricot and mint.
microphone et qualiter sonore S40wifi
bonjours j'aurais aimer savoir ou je pourrais trouver un microphone pour ma S40
Malheureusement c'est pas disponible auprès de notre Service. Veuillez contacter les magasins électroménager locale.
CarCam DVR-100
When I play the recording on my computer, the movie stops after 10 seconds. The video quality is very bad. Some players don't work at all or play it upside down. What am I doing wrong?
Try to play the video with the VLC player. If the playback is still very bad, then contact the agency in your Country.
Akku laden
wie wird der interne akku geladen bei der 5s? wird beim anschluss des externen akkus gleichzeitig der interne geladen?
Der interne Akku der 5s wird geladen indem die Kamera per USB Kabel an den PC, oder mithilfe eines USB Netzadapters an die Steckdose angeschlossen wird. Der normale Akku wird nicht durch den Backup geladen und auch nicht durch dessen Stromkabel. Es müssten dann zwei Kabel verwendet werden um beide Akkus gleichzeitig zu laden.
movie files
what is the file format for movies and audio?
The Format for the Sportsline 99 is "AVI".
sea water
Is it possible to use the camera in sea water and what is the cleaning procedure?
The camera is waterproof up to 3 meters. Wash the camera always with clean water when cominh out of the sea or the swimming pool. Open the camera (battery or card slot), only if it`s dry.
Lense replacement.
I want to know where can I find a replacement for the lense because the original have had and scratch. As well I need to know if there are colour filters available for this camera.
Unfortunately it is not possible to replace the lens separately. Please send the whole device to our Service facility. Furthermore we do not offer a Color filter for this device.
Rollei S-50 Chest Mount
What is the chest mount to the Rollei S-50 model?
You can use the Rollei 5 S Chest Mount for Rollei Action Cam S-50.