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horse riding
Would it be possible for this head strap to fit over a horse riding helmet?
Basically, you can use the head strap kit to fit them over a riding helmet. But due to the movements while riding it can't be guaranteed that the camera is fully functional.
what size sd card will my rollei 8mega pixel camera take
Please let us know which model do you have. Because the size of the memory card of the camera is dependent on the camera model.
Battery life
How long last the battery power under normal use?
The battery power last under normal use about 100 Pictures.
where can i found the instruktionbok
Please contact your service Center
video downloaden
How do I transfere videos from the camera to my computer??
Please contact our Service Center and tell us your cameramodel
Glass for waterproof housing
Where do I find the front glass for the waterproof house for this cam? The one I got is broken.
Unfortunately this cannot be exchanged separately. Please contact our Service via in order to buy a new housing.
Please advise if this product is also suitable for Rollei Action Cam S-50.
Yes it is. The Rollei 3x suction Cup kit can be used with alle the cams that have a tripod screw.
Connexion impossible en wifi sur mon iPhone 4s avec le code 0000000 Faut-il déconnecter la télécommande pour connecter l'iPhone? Si oui comment? Merci
Duquel appareil s'agit-il?
Rollei don't start ok.
I used my rollei 5s once and was all ok. O took god videos. At the second time the camera started to work bad. I start the camera and shows the orange rollei screen but after that It puts a white screen and is not doing anything. What should I do? Thabks.
Please send the device in for servicing - to our Service Center in Kaiserslautern. Including a copy of the receipt and a short note describing the fault.
Micro SD
I have a 64 GB memory card class10 But the images seem to be erased when i turn off the camera???
The Bullet Racy can only Support Memory Cards up to 32 GB