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Rollei DF-S 190 SE
He adquirido un DF-S 190 SE pero el PC no lo reconoce. El CD no proporciona los drivers.
The scanner can be used only as a mass storage device with the computer. For the connection there is no special driver needed.
random play
how can I set this frame on random play
This picture frame model doesn't contain a random function.
Actioncam accessories
Hello, I have a Racy Full-HD. I would know if Head Strap to Rollei 3S/4S/5S can be used in my camera?
The Rollei Head Strap Kit can also be used for the Rollei Racy Full HD.
unter windows 8 zeigt das programm kein Kartenbild und bringt keinen Ton. Können Sie mir einen Tip geben?
Bitte aktualisieren Sie das DirectX auf Ihrem Computer und installieren das Codec-Paket, das unter kostenfrei erhältlich ist.
pictureline 6007
I recently bought a pictureline 6007 and when i wanted to copy files via usb to the device it stopped after one bar. With the device being unresponsive i pulled out the power cable to restart it. Since then it remains black and doesn´t turn on anymore.
The Rollei Pictureline 6007 doesn't have any connector for a computer. The usb port can only be used with memory sticks. If the picture frame doesn't work anymore you have to send it to the repair service in your country.
Hi, does the Compactline 83 re-charge via a USB or another source?
The Rollei Compactline 83 can be re-charged via USB or any mains adapter with an output of 5 V and at least 500 mA.
Will the camera begin recording after detecting movement even if the car is parked and the engine is not running?
If the battery is charged or the cigarette lighter socket is still under power the camera continues recording videos with the movement detection.
Rollei Action Cam
When helmet mounted do you have a 'remote hand held' on and off for the camera?
It depends on the model that you have. Most of the actual Rollei actioncam are delivered with a remote control.
1080 at 60 fps
Bonjour, Vous avez répondu a ma question mais sans donné une vrai solution. Il est impossible de faire un enregistrement avec la camera en 1080/60fps. La video est toujours en 1080/30fps (de moins bonne qualité quand enrgistrant directement en 1080/30fps )quand on souhaite l'exploiter dans un logiciel de montage alors quand mettant en 720/60fps j'ai bien le bon nombre d'image lorsque je veux exploiter la video. J'ai demandé a une personne ayant la meme camer de faire un test et il a le même soucis Hello, You responded to my question but gave a true solution. It is impossible to make a recording with the camera in 1080/60fps. The video is still 1080/30fps (lower quality when recording directly 1080/30fps) when you want to use it in editing software so when using 720/60fps I have the right number of image when i want to use the video. I asked a person who has the same camer to take a test and it has the same worries
This video mode is named "1080i/60" because it is an interlaced mode that produces a video in 1080p with 30 fps. There is no setting to record videos in 1080p with 60 fps.
DF-S 190 SE Filmscanner
Gibt es Ersatz Negativschlitten für den Filmscanner DF-S 190 SE zu kaufen, und wenn ja, wo?
Ersatzhalter können über unsere Hotline unter 0631/3428449 gegen Vorkasse bestellt werden.