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Cuanto suele durar la batería
The battery should last up to 80 minutes, depending on the settings and the use of the camera. In cold conditions the capacity could be significantly reduced.
Rollei Bullet 5S - Live Audio Out
Hallo Rollei-Team. Ich würde meine 5S gerne als FPV-Cam auf einem Hubschrauber einsetzen. In der Theorie geht das eigentlich auch. Leider fehlt nur das Audio Signal, welches wohl nur beim abspielen ausgegeben wird. Gibt es da eine versteckte Einstellmöglichkeit?
Leider kann das Audio-Signal nicht ausgegeben werden. Dieses ist nur auf den Aufnahmen vorhanden.
Availibility battery Kit
Hello, Do you know when the battery kit will be available on your website ? Thank you
The Rollei Battery Kit will be no more available.
lente fica embaciada
quando gravo dentro de agua a lente embacia o que devo fazer
You should use anti-fog pads to prevent the lens from fogging. These pads are available in outdoor stores.
Chest Kit for Rollei Youngstar/ Racy
does this chest kit fit for the Rollei Youngstar or Rollei Racy? If not, what is chest kit to use for Rollei Youngstar or Rollei Racy?
The Rollei 4S Chest Kit can only be used with the Rollei Bullet 4S, but not with any other Rollei actioncam. The Rollei 5S Chest Mount can be used with most other actioncams, including the Rollei Youngstar and Rollei Racy.
SuperCar program
Where i can find a manual to the SuperCar program. I have problem about How to copy all the file from the computer and in to the SuperCar program
There is no manual for the program SuperCar available. To open more than one file in the program please open the file selection and mark all the videos that you want to replay in the program.
For photos, can you bulk feed photos or do you have to manually put in one by one ?
Photos can only be scanned one by one. There is no option for batch scanning photos.
I cant get the remote control that came together with the camera to connect.The blue lamp is lit and Wifi symbol is green and remote light is green. How shall i do?
The pair the remote control with the camera, please execute the follwoing steps: - Take out the battery for a moment so that the camera is completely switched off - Insert the battery again - Press and hold the photo button until the blue LED is flashing - Within 10 seconds press one of the outer buttons of the remote control. The blue LED changes from flashing to continous light
Do you have a retailer in Norway? I need to buy accessories to my Rollei camera.
At the moment there ist no retailer in Norway. Maybe you can find the accessories needed at online shops like Amazon.
head lock
the lock system also locks the panorama mode? thank you
Could you please give us more details about your request.