Warranty Conditions

Rollei Warranty Conditions

In addition to the legal 2-week right of withdrawal with Internet sales and the 2-year legal warranty, Rollei offers you a 4-week right of return if you have made a purchase at the official Rollei on-line shop, and  an additional 5-year exchange service on Actioncam accessory products (with the exception of consumables and electrical items).

Actioncam Accessory Service

The warrantor in terms of the Actioncam Accessory Service is the ROLLEI product manufacturer, Rollei GmbH & Co. KG, In de Tarpen 42, D - 22848 Norderstedt (hereinafter: ROLLEI).

The Actioncam Accessory Service includes the two following points:

5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

With the Actioncam Accessory Service, we extend your statutory warranty rights to 5 years. Thus we guarantee that your Actioncam Accessory product will retain its particular qualities for a period of 5 years from purchase when used properly, (guarantee of durability). Your statutory warranty rights vis-à-vis the vendor of the ROLLEI product are not restricted by these warranty conditions.

As an alternative to exercising your warranty rights vis-à-vis the ROLLEI product vendor, you may also exercise your warranty rights directly with ROLLEI as part of the Actioncam Accessory Service.

Thus a warranty claim exists if there is a claim based on the statutory warranty rights vis-à-vis the vendor of the ROLLEI Actioncam accessory product.

The warranty protection is valid worldwide.

The 5-year warranty period begins with the respective date of purchase.

Exceptions are consumables such as adhesive pads and electronic items such as batteries, for example.

Warranty Claim Settlement

In order to utilize the exchange service in a warranty claim the customer must report the defect to the VENDOR via Email to garantie@rollei.com or send the defective Actioncam accessory product to us at your own expense.

Please address all deliveries to our Service Center:

Rollei Service Center Deutschland
Denisstraße 28a
D-67663 Kaiserslautern

If a warranty claim exists we will contact you or send you directly a product of identical design.

If the Actioncam accessory product is sent to our Service Center without also being reported via Email to garantie@rollei.com, there may be a delay in processing after receipt of the delivery.

If no warranty claim exists, you must pay the amounts needed for cost estimates, repairs and similar costs that arise if you would still like a repair. Otherwise, we will return the ROLLEI Actioncam accessory product to your given address at your expense.