Rollei RE:FRESH Kit MFT Cleaning Kit

  • Large kit for cleaning cameras, filters, lenses,
    smartphones, tablets and displays
  • Sensor swab for professional wet or dry cleaning of the
    camera sensor
  • The lenspen effectively removes fingerprints, grease
    spots and dust on your lens
  • The air blower removes dust and sand
  • Microfiber cloth to clean displays and remove carefully
  • Cleaning swabs to remove dust and dirt on areas that
    are hard to reach
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The very compact image sensors of MFT (Micro Four Thirds) cameras, in particular, react very sensitively to contamination, since, in contrast to a full-format camera, every dirt particle can impair twice as much of the sensor surface.In addition, however, the bayonet fastener, the control elements, the card slot and the glass lenses must be cleaned regularly, in order to ensure that they function flawlessly.

Burr-free cleaning of the MFT image sensor

Although the MFT sensor chip only has a width of 12 mm, it should nevertheless not be cleaned with a larger brush for full-format or APS C cameras.The superfluous bristles can distribute cleaning fluid near the sensor surface or tilt in the narrow case.The Rollei MFT RE:FRESH Kit contains a special Micro Four Thirds sensor brush for easy, thorough, dry or moist cleaning.The suitable sensor cleaning fluid is also included in the scope of delivery and can be used very sparingly due to its effectiveness.Before the moist cleaning remove the finest dust particles or grains of sand with the powerful bellows and finally wipe the case and the display screen carefully with the large, highly absorbent microfibre cloth.The Lenspen combines a freely rotating plate for the removal of oil, grease spots or fingerprints from the lens on one side with a dust brush on the other.The 50 individually-packaged lens cleaning cloths, two moist cleaning cloths, 8 cleaning swabs and the round mini brush are intended specifically for care and cleaning when you are pressed for time or traveling.The entire Rollei MFT RE:FRESH Kit is stowed away in a practical, sturdy bag in order to have the appropriate cleaning tool immediately accessible in the studio or when you are traveling.

Also clean smartphones, tablets, display screens, keyboards…

Of course, the high-quality components of the Rollei MFT RE:FRESH Kit are suitable for the gentle, absolutely thorough cleaning of other electronic devices as well.Your dusty computer screen, the streaks on your smartphone or tablet and the lint between the keys of your keyboard disappear in no time at all. Your devices are nice and clean again and simply function better.

Please note: Our sensor cleaning fluids were tested on standard sensor types (full format, APS-C and MFT). Nevertheless, we recommend contacting your camera manufacturer before cleaning sensors in order to confirm compatibility.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
1x air blower, 1x cleaning cloth (15 x 15 cm), 2x sensor swaps for MFT cameras (12 mm), 1x sensor cleaning liquid (15 ml), 1x lenspen, 1x cleaning brush, 2x wet wipes, 50x lens cleaning cloths, 8x cleaning swabs, 1x bag
Sensor type:
Cleaning object:
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