Kreative Outdoor-Shooting-Idee im Steinbruch mit der LUMIS-Serie

Creative outdoor shooting idea in the quarry with the LUMIS series

Skilfully highlighting the details of a location with light? Of course – in a collaboration with us, photographer Jannik Wagner showed how this challenge can be mastered. For the launch of the LUMIS lights gave him the opportunity to flexibly use the LUMIS U-Light and the LUMIS Compact RGB and thus implement creative picture ideas with the compact LED lights.

Skilfully staging the details of a location with light Of course, photographer Jannik Wagner showed in cooperation with us how this challenge can be mastered. For the launch of theer LUMIS lights did he have the opportunity to do that LUMIS U Light and the LUMIS CompactRGB flexible to use and thus implement creative picture ideas with the compact LED lights. For his photos during the shootings, Wagner used the Sony A7R3 with Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 DG DN lens.

First set-up: combination of bi-color and RGB for outdoor lighting

Kombination aus Bi-Color und RGB zur perfekten Ausleuchtung

focal length cover ISO exposure Settings LUMIS Compact RGB Settings LUMIS U-Light
35mm F/1.4 400 1/160 seconds Blue tone: HUE 237 / Sat 95 with diffuserr Brightness 100% color temperature 2,800 - 3,200 Kelvin


The photographer chose a disused quarry near Kaiserslautern as the location. Dusk was well advanced, causing the deployment portable LED lights was essential. That became the main light LUMIS U Light used at full power, its color temperature on warm white between 2,800 and 3,200 Kelvin was set throughout the shoot. The photographer thus generated a strong contrast to the residual light of the existing twilight. The model stands out due to the skillful use of the LUMIS U Light catches the eye and comes into its own thanks to the 200 LEDs.

LUMIS U-Light und LUMIS Compact RGB im Einsatz bei Dämmerung

As an additional light source and special highlight, the LUMIS CompactRGB used, which was placed in a small cave of the quarry next to the model. For the blue tone, he used the specified color settings LUMIS CompactRGB at full power. For a softer light, he uses the diffuser that comes with the RGB light.

By irradiating the rock walls, Wagner was able to give the background significantly more structure and also create a mystical and fairytale atmosphere.

Second set-up: Set creative light accents

In the second construction that became LUMIS CompactRGB placed on the ground in a bush together with the diffuser and radiated from below onto the model. As a result, the cool residual light of twilight, which was still faintly visible above the treetops, could be picked up in post-processing. Through the flexible use of the compact LED RGB light, the bushes in the image gained structure and the silhouette and jaw line of the model, which would otherwise be lost in the darkness, were given special emphasis.

Beleuchtung von unten durch das LUMIS Compact RGB und einen Diffusor

focal length cover ISO exposure Settings LUMIS Compact RGB Settings LUMIS U-Light
35mm F/1.4 800 1/160 seconds Brightness 100% HUE 237 / Sat 80 - 90 with diffuserr Brightness 100% color temperature 2,900 - 3,300 Kelvin


Which settings should one pay attention to during twilight?

In the first set, Wagner photographed in portrait format with a ISO value of 400 and one Exposure time of 1/160 seconds. In the second set-up, the photographer used a full-body shot of the model. Due to the further distance and the strong twilight, the ISO value had to be adjusted and was set to 800 increased.

Wagner used for the illumination two LUMIS LED permanent lights. The LUMIS U Light with 200 LEDs (100 cold white and 100 warm white LEDs) served as the main light. This offers Color temperatures between 2,500 and 8,500 Kelvin, which can be continuously dimmed. Since half of the LED panels can also be switched off, it always adapts perfectly to the setting.

The LUMIS CompactRGB offers 42 warm white LEDs, 42 cool white LEDs and 36 RGB LEDs. Wagner used the RGB function and thus the compact continuous light as an ideal supplement to the LUMIS U Light and for a creative use of color.

Outdoor-Shooting: LUMIS U-Light als Hauptlicht und LUMIS Compact für etwas Farbe

You too have implemented great shootings with our permanent lights. We look forward to your picture results  Instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #rolleicreate!


Photographer Jannik Wagner: Instagram
Model Saskia Wagner: Instagram

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