Mit einer 24-Millimeter-Brennweite Milchstraßen fotografieren!

Photograph the Milky Way with a 24mm focal length!

The experienced Milky Way photographer Anja Kallenbach was able to test the Viltrox lens with a focal length of 24 mm during her trip to Chamonix, a municipality in France. In this blog post, she tells what experiences she has already had with the 24 millimeter focal length.
Faszination Island: Die besten Locations für Filter-Fotografen?

Fascination Iceland:The best locations for filter photographers?

During his trip to Iceland , photographer Michael Kuschei captured the landscape in fascinating images . In addition to his Canon EOS 5D Mark III, he also had the F:X Pro round filter set and the C6i carbon travel tripod in his luggage . In this article he tells everything about the trip from his own point of view, fantastic photo spots and his experiences.
Lightpainting und glühende Lava: atemberaubende Aufnahmen eines Naturspektakels!

Light painting and glowing lava:breathtaking shots of a natural spectacle!

Photographer Olaf Schieche was able to realize the dream of a photograph that combines light painting elements with the impressive shots of a volcano that has just erupted. Schieche was able to photograph this unique and unprecedented artistic work in spring 2021 thanks to the high level of volcanic activity in Iceland.
Das F:X Pro Rundfilter-Set im Einsatz mit Max Montella

The F:X Pro round filter set in use with Max Montella

Max Montella, the travel photographer of the Italian photo and travel blog “passamdo dal mondo” had the opportunity to test our F:X pro round filter set of 3 in practice. In this new article, Montella explains what you can expect from the filter set and how the round filters fared in the photographer's test.
Supermond Fotografie

Supermoon photography:The full moon you can touch

A particularly spectacular and intense perception allows us"Luna"in the form of the super moon - directly on April 27 at around 05:31 a.m. Find out in this blog article how you can best photograph the"super full moon".
Sony Alpha und Lion Rock Gimbal

Nature photography on the next level:the new"Sony α1"and the Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal M or L tripod

Sony launches an absolute battleship with its new α1 full-frame mirrorless camera . The α1 achieves a continuous shooting rate of 30 frames per second, a resolution of 50 megapixels with automatic exposure and tracking autofocus.
Landschaftsfotografie mit Grauverlaufsfilter

Gray gradient filter in landscape photography

In the second part of our series on the subject of filter photography, the photographer Frank Fischer explains the purpose of gray graduated filters and how they can be used for effective photos in landscape photography.
Foto-Locations in Neuseeland

5 best photo locations in New Zealand

Michael Kuschei from Salzburg went on a road trip through Australia and New Zealand and spoke to us about the photo spots of his trip. New Zealand made a lasting impression on the 28-year-old, as he explains in our blog post.
Fotografie einer Mondfinsternis

Photographing a Lunar Eclipse - The Complete Guide

So that the photo session is a success and you don't have to wait until the next appointment with blurred pictures, we'll tell you how to photograph it correctly, which accessories you need and what you should pay attention to. This is how you take your most beautiful pictures at the next lunar eclipse. Choosing the right ISO values, exposure time, accessories such as a tripod , Astroklar night light filter and remote release are important .