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8 products

Waterproof 4K actioncams for sporting activities

Waterproof 4K Action Cams are not only used meanwhile, in order to note sport experiences, exotic vacation trips, underwater trips or other worth seeing activities in best quality and highest resolution. Even well-known Hollywood directors nowadays include the compact and powerful waterproof 4K Action Cams in their film planning, because they offer unique atmospheric shots, especially of action-packed and sporty challenges or of narrative first-person perspectives. 

What is an action cam and what can it do?

High-resolution photos and razor-sharp, action-packed videos - for an action camera this is no problem. The Action Cams from Rollei are manufactured in an extremely robust, lightweight, waterproof and handy design, making them suitable for any use, even in extreme weather conditions. They are also suitable for dives up to 40 meters, and the recording of adventures on the surfboard, because they are waterproof. 

Furthermore, these small camcorders are especially popular with extreme sportsmen and women because they can process very high frame rates, which is essential for rapid mountain bike descents, wingsuit jumps and other outdoor videos. This is ensured by fixed wide-angle lenses and high-quality image stabilizers (gyro sensor image stabilization). But also in everyday use, action cameras are gaining more and more fans. Furthermore, you can mount a rear panel that can be changed in no time at all (interchangeable rear panel). The underwater protective housing can be optionally equipped with a diving back wall (waterproof up to 40 meters) or a splash protection wall, which allows better sound recordings.

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