Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
B-goods:C6i - aluminum tripod
Rollei Stative B-Ware: C6i - Aluminium Stativ
Rollei 22801

B-goods:C6i - aluminum tripod

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With the set consisting of the Rollei C6i and the matching panorama ball head, you are ideally equipped for many situations, even outside of available light photography, when there is little available light. The package is aimed at committed travel and outdoor photographers who do not want to compromise on stability and flexible use with a reasonable weight of the equipment.n.

Lock the tripod legs in a horizontal position and use the minimum working height to take macro photos of plants or insects almost directly on the ground. In winter you will appreciate the advantages of the insulating foam on the tripod legs, which protects your hands from direct contact with the cold metal if gloves are a hindrance when operating the camera.


You can convert your tripod from a tripod to a monopod in just a few simple steps. You will receive a safe solution to be able to follow the action at any time, even with a heavy telephoto lens, with moving subjects such as sporting events or animal photos. Discover the photographic possibilities that tripod and ball head offer you when creating images..

  • Stable aluminum tripod with high load capacity
  • The tripod head can be easily rotated 360 and adjusted perfectlyn
  • The tripod can also be used as a monopod
  • Quick and easy operation of all rotary knobs
  • Rubberized quick release plate with 1/4 stainless steel screw head assembly with 3/8 threadnde
Technical specifications


Weight without tripod head: 1444 g
Max. Working height: 1400 mm
Max. Height: 1695 mm
Min. Height: 20 mm
Pack size: 480 mm
Max. Load: 12000 g
Tripod leg segments: 4th
Tripod leg diameter: 28, 25, 22, 19 mm
Material: aluminum


Weight without tripod head: 361 g
Max. Height: 1400 mm
Min. Height: 520 mm
Max. Load: 12000 g
Material: aluminum

Tripod head

Head type: Ball head
Control: Pan, Lock & amp; tend
Height: 88 mm
Base width: 48 mm
Weight: 326 g
Max. Load: 12000 g
Tripod connection 3/8 in
Material: aluminum

Quick release plate

Width: 41 mm
Height: 49 mm
Depth: 11 mm
Weight: 36 g


Scope of delivery B-goods
  • 1x B-goods tripod
  • 1x B-goods ball head
  • 1x B-goods quick release plate
  • 1x B-goods belt attachment for monopod
  • 1x B-goods tool
  • 1x B-goods tripod bag
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