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Flash tube


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The modular and particularly maintenance-friendly design of the new Rollei HS Freeze studio flash allows components to be exchanged quickly outside of protected studio settings. The independence from stationary power sources and the high-performance battery that can be replaced in a few simple steps ensure that professional photographers can now choose their locations much more flexibly according to their personal ideas.

The corresponding general conditions on the outdoor set are correspondingly challenging. In order to be able to continue the photo project even if individual elements are damaged, important parts such as the flash tube are of course also available separately as spare parts or spare parts. The high-performance flash tube was specially developed for the HS Freeze and only fits into this flash innovation.

Our tip: get yourself several replacement flash tubes in order to be prepared for all eventualities on the next outdoor or studio set.

  • Powerful light source
  • Easy and quick exchange
  • Only suitable for the Rollei HS Freeze studio flash
Technical specifications
Available for: HS Freeze 4, HS Freeze 4s, HS Freeze 6, HS Freeze 6s, Studio Flash 400
Power: 400 W
Color temperature: 5500 K
Material: Quartz glass
scope of delivery
  • 1x replacement flash tube