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Double-sided backgrounds with a small pack size

As a photographer, videographer or content creator with your own studio equipment, you come to a point where you are no longer at you background come over. And that's why we now have two reversible backgrounds on offer for you, the one Size of 1.5 x 2 meters have and on one Foldable with a diameter of 70 cm are.


Faltbarer Hintergrund von Rollei - mit einer schwarzen und einer weißen SeiteEinfacher Aufbau und kinderleichter Transport

Foldable background in black and white

So that you can always choose which one background You just need for your respective motif, this background has one black and also about one White side . Just set it up and take a photo.

The background is foldable to a size of 70 centimeters so that you can easily transport it.

If you are more of a videographer than a photographer, then we also have blue screen / green screen backgrounds:


Faltbarer Hintergrund in Grün und Blau - für Greenscreen und Bluescreen

Hintergrund für Streamer und Videografen

Foldable background - blue & green screen

We are now bringing Hollywood to your home. With our new ones foldable blue screen / green screen with the dimensions 1.5 x 2 meters .
Green and blue screens are primarily used to better cut people out of the background in the digital post-processing of videos and to be able to display them in front of a new background. This is used, for example, in Hollywood films, when an actor in the final film is supposed to ride a kite, for example, while originally sitting on a wooden frame..

Explanation of the function of blue and green screen:

To understand how this backgrounds To function purely technically, you have to keep in mind that human skin does not have a green or blue component, but rather the skin color is located in the opposite direction on the opposite side of the color scale. For this reason, one can theoretically very well get human skin from onem green or blue background cut out.

Whether you choose one or the other color depends on the lighting in the studio, but also very much on that background that you want to insert afterwards. The question here is whether the later background is more likely to be located in the light or in the dark color spectrum.

Of the Green screen is very easy to illuminate because the neon color itself is already very bright. But for this reason it also always throws some color back on the person or the object that is placed in front of it. This can mean that the post-processing for a later dark background can be difficult as the corners such as hair are difficult to work with. So you wouldn Green screen rather for backgrounds that should also be light later so that the color difference is not so great.

Of the Blue screen on the other hand, it is a bit more difficult to illuminate because it is a darker color, so it needs it more light than the green screen . But it can be used well if you later want a dark background.

At this point you have to think about what your future film should look like so that you can make post-processing as easy as possible. And because of this, are Green and blue screen both integrated here. You have the choice.

  • ATTENTION: Bulky goods not available in every countryr)
  • Background with a black and a white side or a blue and a green side for chroma keying
  • Rectangular with the dimensions 1.5 x 2 m
  • Foldable to a diameter of 70 cm
Technical specifications
Available colors: Black and white or blue and green
Dimensions: 1.5 x 2 m
Pack size: Ø 70 cm
Weight: 2.21 kg
Foldable: Yes
Connection Bowens S-type: No
scope of delivery
  • 1x foldable background

Attention: Bulky goods please check our Shipping conditionswhether your country is being supplied)

Note: Flash unit, softbox and tripods are includedNot included.

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