Rollei Licht Profi Reflektor mit Farbfolien
Rollei Licht Profi Reflektor mit Farbfolien
Rollei Licht Profi Reflektor mit Farbfolien
Rollei Licht Profi Reflektor mit Farbfolien

Professional reflector with colored foils


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Reflectors with an exact 45 degree beam angle and high-quality silver-colored interior coating are used in professional shootings of various categories to set clearly contoured light and shadow accents. In contrast to the very soft and flattering lighting mood of softboxes, hard light enormously increases the drama and the image message in portrait and product photography.

Compatible with numerous professional devices thanks to the Bowens connection

The Rollei Profi reflector has the Bowens connection, which is widely used in the premium segment, and not only fits perfectly with the Rollei HS Freeze 4 studio flash unit, which is included as standard, but also with the Rollei HS Freeze 6. But also all other Bowens-compatible ones Devices can be equipped with this robust and compact reflector.

Create special picture moods with the 5 magnetic color foils

In the scope of delivery of the Rollei Profi reflector there are 5 high-quality colored foils in addition to the standard colors yellow, red, green and blue, you also receive a matt white foil to use the light a little softer again if necessary. All colored foils are equipped with a ring-shaped and strong magnetic holder so that the colored attachments can actually be exchanged in no time. The colors are particularly suitable for indirect and exciting lighting of picture backgrounds. Your photographic imagination has no limits.t.

  • For strong illumination of subjects with hard light and hard shadows
  • Color foils for creative lighting design
  • Incl. 5 magnetic color foils
  • Inner silver coating ensures good light reflection
  • Easy to transport
  • 45 beam anglel
  • Compatible with flash units that have a Bowens connector
Technical specifications
Diameter: 14 cm
Connection: Bowens
Material: plastic
scope of delivery
  • 1x magnetic reflector
  • 5x different colored foils