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11 products

11 products

Additional flash accessories for studio flash units

The two professional studio flashes HS Freeze 4 and HS Freeze 6 from Rollei are completely modular, so that individual parts can be quickly exchanged or alternative elements can be mounted if necessary. In addition to the pure spare parts, which experienced professionals use to stock up on spare parts especially before long and costly trips and photo safaris, there are flash accessories that considerably extend the range of applications of these professional and powerful flash units.

Lamp tripods & optimal accessories for light shaping

Studio flashes as well as soft-boxes, beauty dishes etc. should not take up too much space, because not every ambitious hobby photographer has a studio available. And since we love challenges, we have also taken on them and mastered them.

Here you will find some accessories for your studio flashes, such as additional batteries for our HS Freeze flashes, or a car charger and much more.