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Drone filters - for razor-sharp images at lofty heights
Drones for private use are becoming more and more powerful. If you want to integrate completely new perspectives in photography or videography, you have the right powerful tool in your hand with a drone. Not only the flight characteristics of a drone and its battery performance, but above all the quality of the camera determine how good it is. In fact, even the best cameras reach their limits with a large dynamic range, as is usually the case at high altitudes. The lights eat away, while the dark background appears colorless and too rich in contrast. The solution to this problem are Drone filters . These significantly expand the range of functions of your own drone and ensure that you can fly in practically any light situation.

The ND filter for the drone is why it is so importantt

Of the LP or neutral density filter is one of the most important filters in videography. Since the shutter speeds are relatively slow, the ISO value, i.e. the light sensitivity of the digital sensor and the aperture of the lens, must be regulated. This is possible up to a certain point, but with a large contrast range, even the most modern technology is overwhelmed. A DJI Mavic Mini ND Filter or a Mavic 2 Pro filter one set is made from one piece of optical glass. The selected ND filter reduces the incident light. This makes it possible to work with a larger aperture without running the risk of the bright areas in the picture being eroded and not being able to be saved even through intensive professional digital post-processing.

Transportable and easy to attach

A DJI Mavic Pro Filter has a precisely fitting edge made of aluminum. This means that it can be attached to the drone's camera with a single movement. Due to the thin design, the filter is insignificant and does not change the good flight characteristics of the device in any way. Depending on the lighting mood and the position of the sun, filmmakers use the right gray filter for Mavic drones. If the sun is already low, it is more likely that it will influence the composition of the image. Here it makes sense to have a Mavic Pro ND filter with a large extension factor to choose. Especially when recordings are made in raw data format, the leeway that the gray filter allows is sufficient to achieve the desired result in post-processing. Anyone who opts for a small format and takes photos in JPG format, for example, has to pay much more attention to the fact that the colors and, above all, the amount of exposure are correct.

The Astroklar filter for Mavic drones is the ideal additiong

In addition to the sets with DJI ND filter there are those that also have an Astroklar filter for Mavic drones. This is always practical when haze or light pollution result in a blurred and low-contrast image. This is especially the case when recording at night. The Astroklar filter ensures that the edges appear sharp and clear and enhances the contrast and luminosity of the colors by optically reducing the haze.

The combined CPL filter

All drone filters for DJI are provided with a modern coating. This ensures that back light does not leave any disturbing light reflections in the recorded material. In addition, it offers good protection against cleaning marks or scratches in the glass. A special feature of the drone filters are the integrated ones CPL filter . These polarizing filters not only ensure brighter colors, but above all ensure that non-metallic reflections are reduced. Images of water, for example, appear livelier and, thanks to the lack of reflections, the image composition also appears more even and calmer in cities.