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Equipment For Smartphones

    42 products

    42 products

    Smartphone accessories for better content

    What equipment is available for selfies?

    Rollei offers various product types to facilitate selfie photography. From the classic Selfie Stick to the 3-axis suspension tripod, smartphone and tablet mounts for your tripod and special smartphone tripods with Bluetooth remote release.

    Because taking the perfect Selfie without accessories presents some obstacles:

    • You cannot find the optimal angle.
    • The perspective seems distorted.
    • Part of the arm protrudes into the picture.
    • The perspective is limited.
    • The exposure is not optimal.
    • You are too close to the camera.
    • Not all people fit in the picture.
    • Part of the sight in the background is cut off.
    • The video or photo recordings are blurred.

    Selfie Stick accessories helps you to shoot the perfect picture. At Rollei you will find accessories that make professional self-portraits possible. Even video selfies, which are often blurred when shooting freehand, can now be realized without any problems.