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    13 products

    What should you look out for when buying a camera filter?

    Compensation: If possible, camera filters should be remunerated several times. This is the case with all Rollei photo filters. Furthermore, the coating should be dirt-repellent and protect against dust and cracks and guarantee optimal light transmission

    Color neutrality & distortion: Despite the reduction in the incidence of light through a neutral gray tint, our filters guarantee color neutrality. We also ensure freedom from distortion through our extensive quality assurance and in-house test procedures in a filter machine

    The size: buy the right size for your lens thread or an existing filter holder

    Screw filter or plug-in filter: Are you a more conscious landscape photographer, want to combine different filters with each other and capture details with graduated filters or primarily take photos with filters in a space-saving and uncomplicated manner?


    Recommended accessories for photo filters

    • Camera tripods: When buying a photo filter, we generally recommend buying a photo tripod. Because, above all, longer exposure times are only possible with a tripod. Filter holders for plug-in filters are also heavy. Here, wobble-free and good results are hardly possible with hands-free use.

    • Remote release: enable greater flexibility and a better overview from the image composition to the recording and enable blur-free release.

    • Rectangular filter bag: for convenient and safe storage of filter holders and plug-in filters

    • Camera bags: for safe and convenient storage of screw filters + lens

    • Filter holder & adapter rings: Adapter rings allow your filter holder to be used universally, regardless of the lens thread used. The filter holder itself is indispensable for the use of your photo plug-in filters