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    11 products

    What should you look out for when buying a camera filter?

    Coating: Camera filters should be coated several times if possible. This is the case with all Rollei photo filters. Furthermore, the coating should be dirt-repellent and protect against dust and cracks as well as guarantee optimum light transmission.

    Colour neutrality & distortions: despite the reduction of light incidence through neutral grey tinting, our filters guarantee colour neutrality. We also ensure freedom from distortion by means of our elaborate quality assurance and our in-house test procedure in a filter machine.

    The size: buy the right size for your lens thread or any existing filter holder

    Screw filter or plug-in filter: are you a more conscious landscape photographer, do you want to combine different filters and capture details with graduated filters? Or do you primarily want to take photos with filters in a space-saving and uncomplicated way?

    Recommended Accessories for Photo Filters:

    • Camera tripods: When buying a photo filter, we generally recommend buying a photo tripod. Because, above all, longer exposure times are only possible with a tripod. Filter holders for plug-in filters are also heavy. Here, wobble-free and good results are hardly possible with freehand use.

    • Remote release: enable greater flexibility and a better overview from the image design to the recording and enable blur-free release.

    • Rectangular filter bag:for convenient and safe storage of filter holders and plug-in filters

    • Camera bags: for the safe and convenient storage of screw filtersv

    • Filter holder & amp; Adapter rings: Adapter rings allow your filter holder to be used universally, regardless of the lens thread used. The filter holder itself is essential for the use of your photo plug-in filters