F:X PRO modular filter system
Save up to € 50 per filter
More filters - save more! From 2 pcs. F:X Pro filter there is a 25 € discount per filter. From 3 filters each 50 € discount. The discount will be deducted in the shopping cart!
F:X Pro ND Filter F:X Pro Graduated Filters
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4 products

4 products

Buy photo filters from Rollei

For our lens filters, colour neutrality, high light transmission, avoidance of optical distortion and robust and easy to clean filter glass are important to us. Because our aim is to meet all the requirements of modern professional and hobby photographers.

Photo filters are indispensable tools in the art of conscious landscape photography, urban photography and architectural photography.

Let the hectic flood of images pass you by with our products and create images that will really be remembered. With the help of our high-quality, multi-coated and resistant ND filters, polarizing filters, Astroklar filters, UV filters and gray graduated filters.

Whether you are on holiday, in the Arctic, the Sahara or in nature on your doorstep: dimensional stability, robustness and reliability are guaranteed with our camera filters. For every job, every situation, every picture, every landscape and every lens, you will find the optimal lens filter in our F:X Pro and Premium Series.

Get to know our products for plug-in filter systems and our screw filters, as well as their unique and individual advantages and characteristics.