Rollei Video Lumen Panel 600 Bi-Color
Rollei Video Lumen Panel 600 Bi-Color
Rollei Video Lumen Panel 600 Bi-Color
Rollei Video Lumen Panel 600 Bi-Color
Rollei Video Lumen Panel 600 Bi-Color
Rollei Video Lumen Panel 600 Bi-Color
Rollei 28526

Lumen Panel 600 Bi-Color - LED panel

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Lumen Panel 600 bi-color LED panel continuous light

Whether youTaking photos with the help of a studio flash or rather locating yourself with the permanent light users is an individual decision and a matter of taste. It is only important to us that you know that we have something for every taste in our range.

If you belong to the second group of permanent light users, we would like to give you ours here Lumen panel 600Bi introduce.


White and warm light LED

Next to the Lumen panel 600Bi we also offer thatLumen Panel 900Bi in our shop at. Both are mobile bicolor permanent lights, whereby the 900 with 450 white light LEDs and 450 warm light LEDs is slightly larger than the 600. At the 600Bi are both types of LEDs on 288 each because it is also reduced overall smaller version of the two panels is. However, both panels come up with the same thing Color temperature , the between 3,200 and 5,500 K. is adjustable.

The wattage of the two versions is slightly different. The 900Bi has a total of 60 watts, with the 600Bi having 40 watts. And they also differ in their weight with a total of 400 grams. We brought both versions onto the market so that you can freely choose whether the smaller or the larger version suits your needs better.


Color rendering index (CRI) of 95+

Who is for Steady lights interested, who is also interested in the color rendering index CRI. The closer this value approaches 100, the more similar the light emanating from the respective light source is to normal sunlight. In the case of our Lumen Panels, we come across one Color rendering index of 95+ so that you are always special with your photography natural light can work.

Your work with the Lumen panels By the way, you can design it in a particularly flexible manner - which is made possible by the possibility of the Battery operation is achieved. For example, the batteries are suitable for this purpose *Sony NP-F750 orF970which, however, are not included in the scope of delivery. With battery operation, you can freely decide whether you want to take photos in the studio or on location. Of course, you can also operate our lights using the power pack, which is included in the scope of delivery - just like a soft and a CTO diffuser.



Controllable via app

We saved a little delicacy for the end. Because our panels - like all our Lumen products - can also be controlled with our Lumen app. This way, you don't have to go to the device to change any settings. Simply take your smartphone in your hand and use it to modify colors and intensities without having to move yourself or your model.


Sony Akkus inkl. Ladegerät für LED-Dauerlichter von Rollei

Apple iOS-App für Lumen LED-DauerlichterAndroid-App zur Steuerung von Lumen LED-Dauerlichtern

  • LED permanent light for photo and video recordings
  • Power 40 W, continuously adjustable
  • Individually adjustable color temperature (3,200 5,500 K))
  • With 576 LEDs (288 white light, 288 warm light)
  • Easy control via the free app
  • Battery operation * possible
  • Barn doors to direct the light


*Battery operation through 2 lithium-ion batteriesNP-F970 (7.4 V / 6600 mAh) orSony NP-F750 (7.2 V / 4400 mAh) possible not included in the scope of delivery..

Technical specifications
Number of LEDs: 576 (288 white light, 288 warm light)
Power: 40 W
Energy efficiency class
(EU 2017/1369):
EU energy efficiency class spectrum (EU 2017/1369): A - G
Color temperature: 3,200 - 5,500 K
Color rendering index (CRI): 95+
3,200 K: 5,998 lx / 0.5 m, 5,500 K: 6,203 lx / 0.5 m
Bluetooth version: 4.0
Frequency band: 2.400 GHz 2.480 GHzz
Max. Radiated transmission power: 8 dBm
Power supply:

Mains operation: via power pack, input: AC 100 240 V / 2.5 A 50/60 Hz, output: DC 15 V / 3 A A

Battery operation through 2 lithium-ion batteriesNP-F970 (7.4 V / 6600 mAh) orSony NP-F750 (7.2 V / 4400 mAh) possible not included in delivery..

Note: A.Other manufacturers tooto evictNP-F Sony batteries for which we None, unfortunately Can guarantee compatibility with our LED permanent lights!

Connections: Spigot, power supply connector
Dimensions: 31 x 31.5 x 7.3 cm
Weight: 1.4 kg
scope of delivery
  • 1x Lumen Panel 600 Bi-Color
  • 2x diffuser (soft & CTO)
  • 1x power supply with plug (type C)
  • 1x instruction manual

Abbildung Lieferumfang Lumen Panel 600 BiColor LED-Dauerlicht Panel


If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center
Depending on which tariff you choose in the checkout, we deliver within 1-3 working days . You can find more informationhere. You can get most of the items within 14 days return for free..


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