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    Which filter is the right one for the camera This question is asked by some photographers and filmmakers who are dealing with the subject for the first time. Many filters are irreplaceable even in the digital age, as only they allow successful recordings in certain light situations. Round filters are the most popular filters today. They are used by beginners to professionals whenever it is too bright to flash or when creative effects are to be achieved. The materials used are a great advantage of modern filter sets. In the case of the round filters, the frame and the thread, which is required for attachment to the lens, are made of light and at the same time robust aluminum..

    The glass, as it is used in an ND filter or a UV filter, is so-called Gorilla Glass in optical quality. This not only means that the images are just as razor-sharp as a picture without a filter, but also that the glass is particularly resistant to breakage and scratches. It can also be cleaned quickly and easily without leaving any traces of cleaning or microscratches. The filters of the F: X Pro series also have a modern coating, i.e. a coating that prevents the dreaded ghosting effect or reflections.

    Which filter is the right one?

    A set with several suitable filters for every type of scene or lighting situation is always an asset to your own equipment. The most widely used filter in digital photography and videography is the UV filter. On the one hand, it fulfills the function, as its name suggests, of filtering UV rays, which ensures a livelier image and true-to-color reproduction, and on the other hand, this filter simply fulfills the task of protecting the sensitive front element of the lens . In the event of a fall, the filter may be damaged, but the much more expensive lens is protected.

    The Astroklar filter

    This filter, which is often used as a drone filter, always shows its strength when photographers have to deal with haze, light pollution at night or a combination of both. The astro-clear filter in front of the lens ensures that the effect of a starry night is achieved. The contrasts become clearer, colors appear stronger and disturbing effects in the picture or in the recording are noticeably reduced.

    More control over the light - ND filters and graduated filters

    ND and retail filters, also known as graduated gray filters, are popular as both round and square filters. Neutral density filters are used to reduce the incident light. If photographers want to use the flash on location in the sunshine, the desired result can still be achieved despite the limitation of the flash sync time. The graduated filter only darkens one side before it changes into a clear filter. This makes it easy to compensate for strong contrasts.

    The magic of the polarizing filter

    The polarization filter or polarization filter noticeably reduces reflections. If you want to know what it looks like under the surface of a lake, you can use the polarizing filter. The polarizing filter is extremely popular not only in landscape photography, but also in architectural photography. Images appear more even and the focus can be placed on small details due to the lack of interference from reflections or reflections.

    All filter accessories are optimized for robustness and the simplest possible use. The filter holder and the matching adapter rings come in handy filter bags, which ensure that the high optical quality is maintained and nothing is lost when taking photos on the go.

    - the perfect addition to your own camera equipment
    - Available both as a round filter and as a rectangular filter
    - Significant simplification of digital post-processing
    - robust and resilient thanks to aluminum and gorilla glass
    - With matching filter bag for maximum protection
    - easy to assemble and handle
    - for the simplified realization of creative concepts