Rollei #ROLLEIMOMENTS: Komponieren mit Licht
Rollei #ROLLEIMOMENTS: Komponieren mit Licht
Rollei #ROLLEIMOMENTS: Komponieren mit Licht
Rollei #ROLLEIMOMENTS: Komponieren mit Licht

#ROLLEIMOMENTS: Komponieren mit Licht


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#ROLLEIMOMENTS: composing with light“

Rollei publishes his first specialist book on the subject of filter photography under the title #ROLLEIMOMENTS: Composing with Light. The book was created through the interplay of Thomas Güttler, Ulrich Dorn and Franzis Verlag. As a reader, you will be taken on an exciting and at the same time informative journey with fascinating pictures. Accompany Thomas Güttler, photographer and managing director of the traditional brand Rollei, on his photo trips to unique places around the globe and get insightful and valuable insights behind the scenes of filter photography. The Grand Canyon, the Great Wall of China or England's Jurassic Coast are just a few of the spectacular places to explore. The authors use the individual photo locations to give the reader an interesting and practice-oriented introduction to filter photography. Rounded off by many travel and photo tips, including one or the other insider tip, the book is a successful mixture of non-fictional reading and entertainment.ung.

Thomas Güttler himself writes the following about the motivation for creating this book:

„No other product has influenced me in photography as much as the optical filters. In the age of the digital flood of images, we shoot pictures non-stop. We seldom take the time to incorporate the image composition into our image, and the flood of images passes us by without being remembered. When I was the firstPhoto filters got to test it, I could try it out in the metropolis of Hong Kong. I was thrilled from the first second, I saw a picture that corresponded to my impressions of the location. The picture was as I had imagined, colors, mood and the dramaturgy of the first picture I haven't forgotten to this day. A filter does not make an image more beautiful per se, but it is an excellent tool that provides targeted support for the camera during exposure. Just like the painter with a brush and color palette, you approach the photographic implementation of your image idea with passion and a plan. That was one of the main impulses to write this book. I would like to get you excited about filter photography in equal measure and take you on a trip to some of the most beautiful photo locations on earth. I would like to show you how to use light and shadow, photo filters and exposure, location and time of day to create a photo that will stand out from the crowd and touch the viewer emotionally.“

  • England's Jurassic Coast
  • The gateway to the west of the USA
  • Iceland's unique winter waterfalls
  • My friend Paul Reiffer
  • Great moments in Australia
  • New York Cityscapes
  • At the Great Wall of China
  • Lucky hit Stonehenge
  • Filter types and filter techniques